January 29, 2008

State of the Tanya

So after hearing Bush's State of the Union, I started thinking. I have told a lot of stores, but haven't written an in general "This is how I'm Doing" blog in quite some time.

Work - As often as I write about "Office Wars" really I have a great job. My boss is great he listens to our concerns and does not micromanage. The hours are good and flexible, which means some mornings I can spend the extra 20 minutes in bed. The work is not hard, nor is there too much of it. People like me and consider me an expert in my area, which makes me feel good about myself. The drive is about 12 minutes and if I hear of an accident on the highway I have a great alternate route. The only change I would be would a raise, but really who doesn't want that?

Church - We are still attending Mosaic, but are not as happy there as we used to be. We volunteer in the Tech booth (sound, lights, the projector). It fees like we are there all the time, and spend most of our time trying to get things working properly. It means we don't get so much out of the service.

Marriage - Things are great. We have adjusted to living together. He's finally learned to push me over to my side of the bed. Its amazing how much room lil ole me can take up. We are happy. No plans to have kids for a couple more years. (Since everyone likes to ask that.

Home - The house is starting to look more like a hope, we have curtains on most of our windows. The walls are still somewhat blank, I figure eventually I will find something to hang up. The kitchen is decorated with coffee cups. My favorite theme.

Friends - Our closest "couple friends" moved to VA, which is sad for us, but great for them. We are trying to find new couple friends to hang out with, as well as maintain those friendships we already have. No we don't feel like we always have to hang out with others in groups of two. I just don't like making people always feel like a 3rd wheel.

School - I myself don't go (not unless I'm being a fake student), but my husband does. He is in the final stretch though. About a year left and then he will be free!! I can't wait for that day.

January 24, 2008

More Adventures of a Fake Student

So I went to class again last night with my husband. Last week was pretty fun. This time I decided that instead of hanging out in the hall with my laptop and a engineering ethics book (stolen from my husband) I would explore the school. The university I attended had 5 buildings including the library and the gym. His school, however, has five buildings committed to one area of study. I decided to start at the building on the left.

Since it was so late at night, the halls were mostly deserted. I went through the first building and saw nothing too exciting. I did run into an Asian kid. I must have looked rather lost. He asked "Are you looking for something?"
"No, just wandering around." I replied. He seemed like he didn't quite understand that, so he asked me again if I was lost. I knew it was engineering, but perhaps he could sense that I did not like math.
Finally I said, "Can you tell me where the normal people are? Where is the English building?" He did not like my joke.
He said, "This is en-ju-neering." I finally let him tell me how to leave the building.

I walked into the next building, it must have been chemistry. there were signs on the doors that said radioactive. I quickly left and walked across the courtyard, I did not want to turn into some kind of mutant Tanya.

I walked up to another imposing fortress and noticed that it connected to the next building on the second and third floors. I walked up three flights of stairs, could not find the walkway, went down two flights and found a door to go outside. The place is like a funhouse. A maze to navigate and changing levels to freak you out. That place must be haunted or something. It does look pretty from the outside.

January 18, 2008

I Gave Blood

Due to extreme peer pressure from Manic Mommy I made a trip to the mall which is the closest blood donation center. I walked in and was immediately greeted by an old man who asked "Are you ready?" Of course I was, I took two iron pills (which are gross) and ate really healthy today. I did not want a repeat of this.

I gave them all my info. Answered all the questions. No, I have never visited Africa or had relations with someone who was born there. They have updated their system and you watch this presentation on a computer. The pictures for each question was great.

Here you can see me in the chair. The nurses there thought I was a little strange for asking them to snap a photo, but at least they did it.

After they bandaged me up and I had my snack of Oreos and Juice, I decided that as a reward, I should do some shopping and get some coffee. Here you can see me with my delicious white chcolate latte. The general manager of Gloria Jeans wanted me to let you know that he was the one who took this picture.

I also rewarded myself with a new green t-shirt for $4 and a cozy warm sweater $5 to keep me warm due to my being a pint short of blood.

Now its your turn.

January 17, 2008

Fake Student

So the crazy university my husband attends decided to schedule a class they say he has to take at 9pm on Wednesday nights. Who can concentrate at 9pm at night? Thats sit on the couch and be a bum time. Its wear your pajama's time. Not go to class time!

Anyways, the one advantage of him having class late, was that I could go with him. I didn't sit in his class, I'm not that much of a tag along (besides Engineering FE Review would be super boring). I did my best to dress like a student. I put on my khaki pants with a cargo pocket, my white "Wish You Were Here" t-shirt, with my brown track jacket and my red tennis shoes. I packed up my laptop and off to school I went. It was fun being a fake student. No real class, no homework.

It did bring me back to my college days. I had so much fun! I was blessed with an awesome roommate. I did not have too much homework and even the homework I had was cool. In one class my final was making a music video. Almost makes me want to go back to school. Almost.

January 15, 2008

Office Wars - Ice Cold

So the weather outside is frightful, but inside it's not delightful. Unless you are a polar bear.

I don't know why, but the maintenance people like to play freeze out with us. Our office is so cold that several people were wearing their winter coats. I have learned to layer, but sometimes I feel a bit silly in two sweaters.

I always go warm up my coffee cup with hot water, before putting coffee into it. I'm not such a big fan of coffee Popsicles. I guess it saves me the time it takes to walk to the fridge to put my lunch up. The cold does give me good inspiration of what music to listen to while working.

These are the albums that are cold and sympathetic to my plight.
Songs for Polar Bears - Snow Patrol
Planet of Ice - Minus the Bear
Rabbit Fur Coat - Jenny Lewis
The Earth is not a Cold Dead Place - Explosions in the Sky

This category is to get my mind on things that are warm.
A Sun Came - Sufjan Stevens
Fever to Tell - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Ganging up on the Sun - Guster
What it is to Burn - Finch
Hot Fuss - The Killers

January 11, 2008

2007 A Year in Review

Note: Pretend this was posted 1/1/08 instead of 1/11/08.

As far as years go I would rate 2007 very highly. I didn't set any New Years resolutions. I welcomed in the year with Matt, and I remember this feeling I had of excitement on how this year would be great. It met and exceeded all my expectations.

  • I started the year with the decision that I would not drink anymore, and I have stuck to it all year long.

  • I finally bought a house and moved out of my parents home. It only took me two years after graduating from college.

  • I got engaged on a wonderful sunny springtime afternoon.

  • I got to welcome some new babies of friends into the world.

  • I almost stole a car but fortunately did not get any prison time.

  • I got married to the most amazing man.

  • I got to visit my old hometown as a tourist and attend my little cousin's first birthday party.

  • I attempted to write a Novel in a month, and while I didn't reach the 50,000 word goal, I did write 14,165, which is 4,165 more than last year.

  • After wanting to go for years I finally made it to Nashville to see Andrew Peterson's Behold the Lamb of God Christmas Concert.

January 10, 2008

Restaurant Wars - The Booth

What is it about booths that people enjoy so much? Is it the cushion seats, because at Bob's the chairs are cushioned. Is it the privacy? Going out to a public place, you shouldn't really expect privacy. Maybe its the fact that if you have to go to the bathroom you get to make the person next to you move. Do people like to be an annoyance to their tablemates?

Last Sunday at work, I had a lady almost in tears because she had to sit at a table instead of a booth. A grown woman. I really wondered what else in her life was so awful, to make her so upset about a place to put her butt.

I remember when I worked a hostess in highschool, I would get frustrated, because everyone wanted a booth. Which meant that some days all the tables would go to whichever server had that section leaving the rest with nothing to do. It still happens a lot, except now I'm the bored server. At least until 8am, when I get to move to a section with some booths.

January 7, 2008

Visiting the Vampires

Manic Mom recently posted about how she donated blood and encouraged others to go do the same. January is Donate your Blood month.

I have not given blood in quite some time. I used to do it at school blood drives, but now I'm not at school. (I realize that's an excuse). I feel motivated to do it now thanks to Manic, but I make no promises. Even though I eat very healthy, sometimes my iron is too low and they won't let me. Now its story time.

The first or maybe it was the second time I gave blood. I did it at school. Spanish class got canceled so I had some extra time before I had to go to work. We were having a blood drive, so I signed up. When they finally called my name I went and laid down in the chair. They put the needle in, which is my least favorite part. I'm not scared of needles in general, but something about this one grosses me out. I sat in the chair leaking out into that bag for-ev-er. I must not have the veins and blood flow of some people.

When I finally finished, it was getting kind of late and I still had to get to work. Against the advise of the nurse, I grabbed some pretzels and a juice and left. I made it to work on time barely after stopping on the way to do an errand. I sat down at my desk and was fine for a while.

A couple hours later I started feeling sick. The smell of the iodine they used to clean my arm, was making me nauseous. I walked down the short hall to the ladies room to wash my arm. Cleaning it only helped a little. I started feeling super dizzy and light headed. I decided that fainting in the ladies room was not very wise. I worked in a FBO and at that time of the day, it was me and the line service guys. They would never find me. I tried to make it to the hallway, but no luck. I woke up right next to the door with a throbbing. Note: bathroom tiles are hard.

I got up, walked quickly to my desk and sat down afraid to move much more than that. A while later the line service manager came in. One look at me and he knew something was wrong. I told him what happened. He carried me to the lobby with the soft leather couches. They gave me food and ice for the bump on my head. I was treated like a princess for the rest of the day.