January 24, 2008

More Adventures of a Fake Student

So I went to class again last night with my husband. Last week was pretty fun. This time I decided that instead of hanging out in the hall with my laptop and a engineering ethics book (stolen from my husband) I would explore the school. The university I attended had 5 buildings including the library and the gym. His school, however, has five buildings committed to one area of study. I decided to start at the building on the left.

Since it was so late at night, the halls were mostly deserted. I went through the first building and saw nothing too exciting. I did run into an Asian kid. I must have looked rather lost. He asked "Are you looking for something?"
"No, just wandering around." I replied. He seemed like he didn't quite understand that, so he asked me again if I was lost. I knew it was engineering, but perhaps he could sense that I did not like math.
Finally I said, "Can you tell me where the normal people are? Where is the English building?" He did not like my joke.
He said, "This is en-ju-neering." I finally let him tell me how to leave the building.

I walked into the next building, it must have been chemistry. there were signs on the doors that said radioactive. I quickly left and walked across the courtyard, I did not want to turn into some kind of mutant Tanya.

I walked up to another imposing fortress and noticed that it connected to the next building on the second and third floors. I walked up three flights of stairs, could not find the walkway, went down two flights and found a door to go outside. The place is like a funhouse. A maze to navigate and changing levels to freak you out. That place must be haunted or something. It does look pretty from the outside.


Sing4joy said...

I popped over here from the world of frump and had a great time reading back a bit on your adventures. Looking forward to popping back in!(Congrats on getting married!)

Becky said...

That was funny, you fake student, you, lol.

Robin said...

Your mission should you decide to accept is to go from Lopata Hall to Jolley without stepping outside.

If that is too easy, now pretend you can't climb steps and use all elevators and ramps.

That might keep you busy til the end of the semester.

Tanya said...

So you know its Wash U? I'm guessing you attended there, too?

I don't even know where Jolley is, but I'm assuming its on the other side? I'll have to find it. That could be fun

Robin said...

Jolley is part of the engineering "complex". Easy to find, hard to get to, unless you walk outside. But it is connected in one "secret" place. At least one that I know of, maybe more. And you have the chance to run into more facinating engineers.

(We are TOO facinating!)

Rob said...
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Rob said...

You know, exploring buildings just for fun is a pretty geeky thing to do. In fact, it's a well-known first step on the path to enlightened nerdyness!

Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.

May the sacred slide rule of power bless you and guide you!
- The Alpha Nerd.

Sauntering Soul said...

I went to the University of Georgia and it took me forever to figure out how to get to my classes. The campus was huge! We had a shuttle bus system and you could barely get from class on one side of campus to the other in 15 minutes on a bus.