May 22, 2008

Bloggy Stuff

So very soon I will be writing a review of Gayle Roper's new book Fatal Deduction. Its a mystery that incorporates crossword puzzles. I'll also be giving away a copy or two, so if you are interested in winning, leave a comment with your favorite puzzle game. My addiction is Sudoku. I spend way too much time playing. I even have a special "Sudoku stance" where I hunch over my laptop with 100% concentration, my husband knows better than to talk to me when I'm in the middle of a puzzle.

I was at the DMV yesterday and I think it would be a fun place to people watch. I was there for my license. The kid in front of me was a newly 21 year old, and the guy behind me was a hispanic person, who had brought along his boss to translate. I find it amusing that no one seemed to smile for their picture. Don't they realize if they ever get kidnapped or commit a crime, thats going to be the picture on the news? I refuse to look like a criminal, but I guess a lot of people just don't care.

Work has been so busy and draining the past few weeks. I get home and I just want to crash. This week should hopefully be the end of crunch time. I have a good new friend there, that makes time go by faster. Plus, I have been volunteering to help in the fundraising for the St. Louis Race for the Cure. Things are winding down, registration ends today. Then we have just a couple more things to do and we are done! I really do think its a good cause, but its just been sapping up all my time and volunteering at work while learning a new job has been a challenge.

May 21, 2008

Random Wal-mart picture

I have like 10 different things to blog about, but just haven't been in a writing mood lately. I'll get around to it soon.

May 7, 2008

Office Wars - Overtime

So when I took my new job we were told that we would have overtime on occasion. At the end of the quarter we have a lot to do and a limited amount of time to get it done. This means that I have been here almost 11 hours today. After being here that long, I am so tired of my desk. So this is my top eight (I'm too tired for a full 10) list of positive things about working overtime. Hopefully it will prevent me from jumping out a window or something equally as crazy.


8. I will attend the monthly "here is stuff that you don't care about" quarterly meeting just long enough to snag a bagel tomorrow morning before leaving and no one will tell me I need to be there.


7. I have the entire row to myself, so people don't bother me very much. My boss affectionately refers to my desk as "Siberia".


6. I can listen to music all day. I now have time to listen to all the music I have neglected. Now I need to find some new bands or maybe a book.


5. After spending this much time in front of a computer screen surely I will need glasses. Perhaps they will make me look more intelligent. That will lead to a different job that does not require uncompensated overtime.


4. Since we are to put our initials by the things we complete, I will never forget my new ones, now that I am married.


3. I arrived early enough to trade my chair, with a newer one at a different cube. Unfortunately it is not the magic chair I hoped it was that would cure all my aches. Why is it so hard to make a comfortable work chair and desk?


2. By arriving so early and leaving so late, I completely avoid rush hours.


1. The best thing about working overtime is Matt makes dinner!