June 26, 2007


So the coffee situation at the new building is just as bad as it was at the old. Fortunately, the two-baggers are on a different floor, so we don't have them making bad coffee worse. Unfortunately, we still have bad company provided coffee. I have a theory that, since they have a cafe that serves Starbucks. They want us to spend our money there, so they give us grossness to drink for free. Counting on the fact that everyone who is an addict will go for the Starbucks.

To counteract that we have formed the MARCC (Member A/R Coffee Club). Several of us hardcore coffee drinkers united to purchase drinkable coffee. We fill a carafe and keep it on a desk, away from the icky coffee. Then we drink it and its cheaper than buying coffee every morning. I am the VP / Treasurer / Secretary. Which reminds me I have some $$ to collect, someone hasn't paid their $3 membership fee.

June 22, 2007

Adventures in Bachlorhood

Matt has moved into the house. He is now getting to experience being on his own and a homeowner. For the most part things have gone pretty easily, but there have been a few trials.

It all began with our "Point 5" bathroom. Part of flusher broke. Being a resourceful guy, he went to fix it and to keep it from running over. When he tried to wedge it into the position to turn the water off, the lever snapped. Now, he had to find the water shut off for the toilet. After much turning he did manage to cut off the water supply.

Later that evening, he became very hungry. Now I've grown up with a toaster oven, but for him it was a new appliance. He decided to use it to warm up some left over Crab Rangoon. He put it in the oven and left it warming. Well, I guess he left it a little too long, because they burnt, a lot, with enough smoke to set off the fire alarm. He tried opening doors, but the alarm kept chirping. Finally, he just took the battery out. Throughout this whole ordeal I was on the phone with him trying not to giggle. (I wasn't very successful). Then instead of tossing out the food, he eats the inside which was okay. He was still starving. Poor guy. We need to get married soon so I can keep him from starvation.

June 20, 2007

Chocolate Mint

I'm so excited. I got a new cell phone last night. Now I no longer will be carrying the phone that everyone's mom loves. Its part phone, part mp3 player, all coolness. It even comes in my favorite color - green. Is it bad that the color was a big selling point for me? It matches my bridesmaid dresses perfectly. Maybe we should all carry Mint Chocolate phones instead of flowers ;)

June 15, 2007


Today is the day! The day I get to go into major debt. The day I get a new home. The day my dream for the last 4 years comes to fruition. Levi and I are getting our new home. Its exciting!!!

We close in about an hour then the rest of the day we're moving stuff over. He gets to live there first, then I move in after we get married. Last night I found boxes that have been packed up since my MBU days and loaded them into Jet Black ~the mystery car~. We're going to get our house all set up this weekend.

We're moving at work today, too. Its b-u-s-y, busy week. Monday morning when I get to work, I'll have a new cube, with not so much privacy, but a nicer layout from what I hear. Maybe I'll just make a tent over my new cube if people bother me to much.

June 13, 2007

Office Wars - Moving

My office is moving. A whole block down the street. We go from being in the building no one knows about to the old corporate (or whatever the higher-ups think it should be called this week). I've seen old corporate, it looks nicer. I think that dodging the trashcans in the hallways whenever it rains will be thing of the past. But it means I will have to give up my view of Burger King and the gas station. No more trips across the street (I feel like a Frogger) to get some 25¢ drinks when the cards score more than 6. (Although, that isn't happening as much as it should).

This week things here have been weird. Its like half the people here have already checked out. The icky coffee supply is running low. The vending guy doesn't even fill our vending machines anymore. Sad. I guess we will have to start eating our desks, since there are no longer any pop tarts or grandma cookies.

The worst thing about the move is we have to keep our chairs. Old corporate has nice chairs that come in 3 sizes, for 3 different sizes of people. That means that I could have gotten a chair that fit me comfortable but noooo, the people who get the fancy brand new eco friendly artwork decorated building took their chairs. Meanies. 1 2 3 4 I declare Office War!

June 8, 2007


My good friend had her first baby. I'm so excited. Later today I'm going to go meet the new baby. I was really trying to get my friend to name her little daughter Jeffina. Her husbands name is Jeff, her fathers name is Jeff and her brothers name is Jeff. That would make it so easy for her if she would have picked that name, but it didn't work. She decided to go with Madalynn, which is quite pretty, too.

Its cool, because I've been friends with this girl since college. She has always been a great example of what a Christian should live like. We have so much fun together. Sometimes we go play dress up at stores and pick out outfits for each other that we would never really wear, but were fun to try on. Then we take pictures and once we even got busted for it. Good thing they didn't confiscate the camera. :) Now we got someone new to take with us on our dressing room adventures.

June 6, 2007


Love & Respect
Grace & Joy
Good things.
I have the roses to prove it.
Levi is such a big blessing in my life.
He is the best. Ever.

June 4, 2007


I have a problem with my wedding vows and its not the word "obey". Traditionally they go "I take you for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health...." Thats where I have my problem. Health. Thats just so nondescript. Kind of like weather. We always have weather; we always have heath. Sometimes its good, sometimes its bad, sometimes its even neutral. So why do we use it as a comparison to being sick? Someone didn't think this out.

So my proposition is that we change the vows to "I'll love you if we're richer, poorer, sicker, weller, happier, sadder, madder, gladder, sleepier, awaker, sneezier, grumpier, ..." Any other dwarfs missed?

Seriously though. Maybe we should write our own.