May 25, 2005


A few weeks ago I sent out a press release about the fact that Bob Evans sponsereda biker for the BACA (Bikers against child abuse). Well today the hostess was looking through the paper and found the story I wrote. It was super cool I had no idea that it was actually going to get published. Now maybe my name will finally be put up in gold on the wall. Too bad its only The Scoop a small community newspaper.

May 22, 2005


So I spend the last week on vacation with my family in TN. We went hiking and I had never realized how much easier it is to really think about things in the middle of trees. So I came to several conclusions about things

1. I'm going to stay in St. Louis until I have good reason to leave, I don't like the uncertainty that my family has about moving and where and when.

2. As soon as I get a job I'm moving out of my parents house. I love them, but I want to be independent.

3. If I dont have a job by the fall, I'm going to stay at Bob Evans and apply to be a manager. Its my plan C.

4. The guy I am dating is not "the one". We are going no where, I say "enjoy the summer" with a secret hope that in the fall when he goes away to school, he will have become attached enough to me that we will stay together. Dumb, Tanya, dumb, not gonna happen, and if he did, I don't even know if he would be the right guy.

5. I need to go church singles group hopping to perhaps meet the right guy. If there is a right guy, or maybe I'll just have a big house and lots of money and adopt kids from Russia or Guatemala.

6. I should go to Europe. It would be fun. Now I just need to recruit someone to come with me.

7. Survivor need a contestant like me. If I were to get on the show, maybe it would help my chances of getting a job, because people would think I was cool for being on tv. That is even cooler than being on the front of the school web site.

While I'm sure that I thought about other things, that is all I can think of for now.


May 14, 2005

The first interview

Well, I survived my first job interview. It wasn't too bad, but the guy who interviewed me had seen about 23 out of 25 people he had scheduled for that day. Needless to say he was tired, I don't think I impressed him much and I didn't get called back, which is nice because I wasn't quite sure if the job was what I wanted to do. O'Fallon is a no go either. :( I am sending out a resume to Lutheran Hour Ministries, Radio would be fun, but I have an idea that I probally sound about 9 years old on the air. At least thats what my phone voice is usually like.

I'm tired, I got to work all day today. I get to work tommrow morning, but then I get a week of freedom!!! Hurrah, kind of. Oh well, I'll get to see where my car was born in Spring Hill, TN.

Last night one of my friends announced that I was on the mobap homepage. LOL I had to laugh it was a pic of me with my best laptop ever! Its strange to see yourself like that, but fun. It would just have been super cool if in the article they had spelled my name right and called me a senior instead of a soph.

So work is fun lately. One of the guys is interested in me. I flirt back, but he is not "hub" material, not that he is a bad guy, I just don't want to date someone with a kid, or is not a Christian. If only the RIGHT guys would show interest.

May 12, 2005

City of O'Fallon

So I decided that I should start my quest for being involved in government with the city of O'Fallon. Its the second biggest city in the Metro area, following St. Louis itself. We have a new mayor and hopefully she will want a new college grad on her team.

I hope to impress, so right now I am researching what is all going on in this second largest town. I haven't found much, but we have a television station. That could be fun. I'll update on how it goes.