April 30, 2005


Just like everyone else who blogs, I must write about this important event that has occured. I graduated college. It was kind of exciting; kind of sad. I don't exactly know what to think. I've worked for this goal so long and now that I have accomplished it what am I supposed to do with myself. I have to be an adult and responsible and all that stuff.

Another aspect of it. I was sitting listening to Dr. Lacy talking and thinking about how I was supposed to walk across the stage shake his hand, get my dipolma case (which contained a note that said "If you pay all the money you owe us, you will get your actual diploma in two weeks") and walk off. That was it. Nothing more. It seems like some change should happen, like suddenly you have all this knowledge, or you get two inches taller or something. It just was such an insignificant thing, to walk across that stage, and then it made me wonder just how insignificant it is to graduate? It doesn't really change who I am, now I just have (or will have) a piece of paper that says I accomplished something.

April 29, 2005

This is the last night.

My last night of school and oh what possibilities it had. At home, I have more responsiblities and do not have the same freedom that I do at school, so I had better enjoy tonight to the fullest.

We went to City Muesuem, Miranda's sister was in town for graduation tommrow and had never been there. We ran into another girl in the lobby and invited her to come along as well. Then Anne came home and we convinced her to join us on the voyage to downtown.

It was such a random group of people, but all fun people. We played at City Museum and they played Postal Service as the background music, which was amazing. The outside part was closed, so now we have a good reason to go back soon. Then afterwards we went to Denny's and had a big dinner/breakfast/whatever middle-of-the-night food is called. It was such a good time, a nice memory of a last night of school. I'm glad I didn't go out and be "bad" as I had considered. Just because I can do something doesn't always mean I should.

April 25, 2005


So I had to wait for this post until I knew the final outcome of events. Those of you who know me in person, know that I have this crazy streak that must assert itself every-so-often. It did just that Wednesday Night.

Now I want to reach legend status at school. Its almost the end of school, so I knew I had to act quickly. Now I came up with this entertaining idea. Lots of times people will go and TP a teachers' house. Now while that sounds like it would be fun, that is not legendary status. So I had to think better. What is the one place on campus that every student has been, and is supposed to be every week? Chapel of course. Now what would happen if it were to get decorated? It would look amazing. It would be incredible. So I pondered the how we could pull if off and recruited a couple of friends.

We had 36 rolls and we used them well. I climed up on the catwalk and draped TP from the ceiling. AB covered every railing, BW helped me throw stuff off the balcony. It was great. Our plan wasn't quite fool-proof though.

We were called in to Dr. Chamber's office on Monday morning. We were told that it took housekeeping a lot of work to clean it up and we had to do something to make it up. Our punishment is to wash the MBU busses. I don't mind at all. It will be fun and AB is all about "Tom Sawyering" it, which sounds like a good idea to me.

more of a wide angle shot

the whole thing

My ceiling

April 20, 2005

S L 2

I get my car today!!! I'm so excited. I really need one, before I can start the next chapter of my life. Its the end of the beginning. It will be so liberating to be able to go somewhere when I want. I miss that freedom. I can't even remember how many times I've said that I couldn't do something because of my lack of car, but it all will be soved at 2:00 in the afternoon.
Its dark blue and a 97 Satrun SL2. It has four doors which will be nice. Its is supposed to get really good gas milage, something close to 30. Its only got 67k and I spent $4,000 which is exatly what I had budgeted. I'm so excited!!!!

April 15, 2005

Breaking a rule

So while its not an official rule, I have this thing about dating a guy after my friend has done so. I just think that it is a little bit ackward. Even if in times past this friend may have mentioned setting you up with this guy. But at another time in the past had asked if you were interested and asked you not to be. Now however things have changed enough where you think it would be alright.

What if this guy would complement you really well? What if he actually liked you back? What if the little bit of feeling you have had for him are suddenly turning into something more? Do I date him? What do I say to my friend? Its so confusing! What if there isn't even something to tell her, at least not yet? Is this a bad idea?

April 13, 2005

I need a car!!!

so if ever you're bored and feel like reading back all the way to December you can see pictures of what happened to my car. It was sad. I regret the way things happened. Four months have gone by and I still don't own a big hunk of metal that can take you places fast. Its frustrating! I feel as if the rest of my life is on hold until I can solve this one problem. I've been looking in the paper and even went and looked at a dealership, but there is not a big selection in my price range. Right now I'm tired of asking people to bring me places. I miss driving where I wanted when I wanted. I barely think I remember how to do it. I miss being in the car and singing along to the radio at the top of my lungs because no one is there to laugh at me. I miss changing the station every 3 seconds to make sure I am hearing the absolute best song ever! soon... very soon or I might go crazy!!!

April 8, 2005

The best day ever!

Its my birthday--the best holiday of the year. I started by staying up until midnight w/senior boy. I figured since I had to work Sat morning therefore not staing up too late tonight I should start celebrating the moment I turned 22. Then I went to sleep, because sleep is good. I worked in admissions and got to go on a forever long tour. I had hoped that they might do something fun, but no such luck. Oh well. Then I got to go to class. I think that you ought to be excused on your birthday. At this time I was wearing the Birthday Tiara, and got a few strange looks when I walked into the classroom. but then I said it was my birthday and don't forget it is me after all, so what do you expect?

After class I hung out in my room until the evening when I went to go see Little Women with my mom, sisters and Hannah. It was a good play but it always makes me mad that Jo and Laurie don't end up together. Amy is such a brat, she shouldn't get to have him.

Oh I forgot the really fun part of my birthday. Miranda had to leave earlier than I, like before I drag myself out of bed early. so she made a pile of presents on my floor. I got a Grover kite, a cake with an octopus, roadkill fruit snacks, and a cd. Fun fun. I like Miranda presents because they are so random.