December 30, 2004

I'm Just a Working Girl

Bob Evans has become my new home. I get to work there all the time, so I can make lots of money. Its been busy, and people have been generous. Still its not been the most exciting Christmas break ever. At least I haven't had much of an opportunity to spend the money I've been earning.

Today I met with Kristen. We went out to eat some mexican food. Yum, yum. I also got my bride's maid dress. I'm excited to try it on, but am waiting for my mum to get home so I can show her. It was good getting to see Kristen, the next time I'll see her will probably be for her wedding. Its kind of strange to think of her as married, but she is excited and I know she's ready for it.

December 19, 2004

A Southern "Fried Fish" Vacation

We are down in Louisiana visiting family. We go every year at least once, and stay with my Grandmommy. Its been a good visit so far.

Tommrow is our big fish fry day, where we have any available relative come by and my Grandmommy cookes lots of fish. Then we all stuff ourselves and sit around and visit. Its nice to visit with everyone, but I think I'm the only person who doesn't like fried fish. I don't like fried food in general, 90% of the time I don't even like french fries and everyone likes those. I guess I'm just strange, the odd kid who doesn't fit in with the rest of the family, at least when it comes to eating fish. I still eat it though. No way I'd risk offending my Grandmommy and telling her that fish is not something I enjoy. Plus if get enough other things on my plate and jsut eat a piece or two really slow, then quickly mention that I need to save room for dessert it works out fine. :) Shh.... don't tell.

December 12, 2004


Well, welcome to the blog of the "new and improved" Tanya. It's taken quite a bit to get me here. I've always been a rather blessed person with great opportunities, and an ability to avoid trouble. God's saved me on more than one occasion and I've taken it rather lightly.

That is changing now. Yesterday, I could have died. Yesterday my car hit a semi-trailor. Yesterday, I totalled my car. Yesterday, I walked away from the accident. I don't know why God chose to save me, but he did. Now I have to face the consequences of my actions. I have no car, which is a big deal for me. I've very independant. I like to be the one driving. I'll have to spend money that was yes set aside for a car, but not yet. Instead of taking my time and finding what I really want for the best possible deal, I'll have to get whats avialable. I don't know how I'm going to get to work or if my parents will even let me stay at home.

What will I do? The only thing I can. TRUST in God, wholeheartedly, not just on the surface level, but with all I have.

December 9, 2004

College Life

Right now I'm sitting in a coffee shop at midnight working on homework, listening to the odd combination of music they are playing. I'm drinking a caffe latte with two good friends. This is what college is all about. It's not the homework that I'm doing that I will remember in 10 years, its the fun I'm having with my friends. Its the way we pause, to make a random comment about our homework. The way that Hannah mouths the words she is writing as she writes them makes me smile. The way that Daniel stops and stares at his laptop for a moment or two before beginning to go back to work, is funny. I wonder whats going on in his brain. How about the way I sit here over-anaylizing this. I want to just enjoy the moment. I have to write about it, I don't want to forget. My life is so influenced by these people, they make me who I am, or who I will be. In highschool this is what I thought college was really about. Now that I'm here its almost surreal. It's sad to think that in only 4 months this will be over. I don't want to grow up. I want to stay at this point in life forever.

December 6, 2004


So the other day I was giving a tour to two baseball players from Iowa - the land of nothing. It was a fun tour, although they didn't hear about as much of the school as i usually talk about. I don't think they minded. In fact they stayed the whole day and I saw them again at dinner. Afterwards one of the guys asked for my e-mail. :)
Then he actually IMed me. How cool is that. It never happens! Although he lives in another state so that may be why. Oh well, we'll see what happens. We've been chatting for a really long time tonight. We have a lot in common. Hopefully he'll come to MoBap and I can get the opportunity to know him in person.