April 6, 2009

April Fools - Big Orange Cat

It's arrived! My B.O.C. I was so excited and I got some good stuff. For all you nerdy types who understand here is the picture.

April 1, 2009

I heart April 1

This is my favorite day of the year to be online. Here are the best April Fools Pranks I've found so far.
Feel free to add to the list with fun stuff you come across.
Google - Artificial Intelligence AKA CADIE - I <3 Panda Bears
Woot - Million Dollar Shipping - Coupon Code is SNAIL
Expedia - Trip to Mars for $99 - A 3 Trillion dollar discount!
Google Chrome - Web Browsing in 3D
You Tube - Upside down - However some of the the videos seem right side up.

Work pranks, included tape to the bottom of the mouse, a fake engagement, and a shreadded compaion cube plush. Overall a good day for the April Pranksters.