February 20, 2009

Outlaw Marshal

I have a book to give away! It's a western called Outlaw Marshal, written by Al and Joanna Lacy. They're a husband wife team, who have written several books together. I read some of their Mail Order Bride Series a few years back.

Outlaw Marshal is the story of Whip Langford. He's an outlaw in the wild west. John Brockman (who starred in previous series' written by Al and Joanna) arrested him for a crime. Whip is thrown into jail. All along the way John is preaching salvation to him and eventually Whip decides he does need Jesus in his life.

You can purchase a copy of the book using this link or e-mail me if you're interested in receiving a free copy of this book. No fancy contest this time. The first person to ask for it wins.