February 26, 2007

Board Member

Since I am not very happy with my current position (it’s not a bad job, I'm just bored and would like a bigger pay check), I have been considering other career options.

The other day over dinner, while watching the news, I came up with this wonderful idea. I need to become a Board Member! Once you are a member of one board, you can make some friends and then you get appointed to other boards. Board Members do not have very intensive jobs, and so long as nothing gets too messed up in the company, you can give yourself a raise. Sometimes, you still get the raise, when things are bad. I should probably pick up golf though. Might help in the social aspect of the job.

February 21, 2007

Ash Wednesday

Because it makes a good story....

< humiliation >
I guess I never got out much. I was 16 working at a restaurant and it was "Ash Wednesday" not being Catholic, I had never even heard of the holiday other than a blip on the calendar.

People started coming into the restaurant with marks on their foreheads in the shape of a cross. Not everyone was marked, but enough couples to really make me wonder. I went to the mirror in the bathroom to make sure I didn't have one, too, but in the Left Behind books you couldn't see your own.... so I was still unsure.

My knowledge of the end times came mostly from those books, but I thought the mark to distinguish Christians came later. Tim and Jerry must have had it wrong. Later that day, when I got home, and saw my parents didn't have marks, I realized there had to be some other explanation.

That’s when I learned of Ash Wednesday.
< / humiliation >

February 18, 2007


I've had the best Valentine's Week. It all started on Monday when Levi sent me flowers at work on Monday. Maybe some of you guys won't understand, but there is something deliciously wonderful about getting flowers at work. All the other girls look at you with envy hoping their guys will do something sweet for them. Until Levi, I was never the one to get the treats, which just makes this that much nicer.

On actual Valentine's Day I invited him over to my house. He came over and we played guitars. We practiced Andrew Peterson's "Just as I am", we might sing it one of these Friday nights. Its such a great song.

Saturday was our Valentine's Day night. We dressed up all nice, we even had a picture taken before we left my house. He took me to dinner at the same place we went on one of our very first dates. Then we went down to the Fox theater to see Stomp. As soon as we walked in I looked up and around. That place is so neat, its an old theater with all the elegance of days past, before metal and glass became so in vogue. Stomp was really neat. The way they would tap on things and make a song out of it was so neat, you never knew what they would use next.

February 13, 2007

Am I the only one?

Sometimes I wonder.

This morning I decided to get fuel for Jet Black on the way to work. I could have waited and done it later, but since its all snowy and icy, I wanted to have a full tank of gas. I pull into the station. Turn my car off so only the radio is playing (It was a great song, I had to hear the rest of it.) and pull the release for the gas door. After my pep talk - its not that cold, you won't freeze, I get out of the warm car, and press the "Pay Cash Inside" button for my 4¢ discount on each gallon. When I go to stick the pump into my tank, I realize the door wasn't open. Thinking that perhaps I was a little too much into that song, I pulled the latch again. No luck. So I climbed back into the car and tracked down my scraper. I removed the layer of ice on my car and gave a hopeful tug. aaahhhhh. What am I going to do if I can't fuel my car?

Finally, I went inside and got weird looks from the guy behind the counter. I'm sure he thought I was scheming, since I pretended like I was going to pump gas, but did not. My Wash U coffe cup was filled with some hot water that melted the ice that was holding the door fast. I filled up the tank, paid my $20 bucks and left. Only me.

February 7, 2007

MBA from MBU?

I am bored. I'm thinking of going back to school to work on my Masters Degree. The company where I work gives tuition assistence. I don't feel like I need to have my degree, but it would be nice. I looked up all the rates of the different universities in the area. MBU is the least expensive, and I get a discount on the price, because I'm alumni.
As for getting a MBA, I could get a degree in marketing or communications, but I haven't had much success in finding a job in that area. I figure if I have a basic business degree, I will be skilled in more areas. Besides there are a lot more MBA programs to choose from.
My other idea is to get my realtor license. My mom and I were talking about it and we would make a good team. I haven't looked into this much, but thats my next project.
Any feedback?

February 5, 2007

Turn the U 90º Clockwise

I have some ideas about last nights Super Bowl.
  • If you turn the horseshoe to the right, you get a C for Chicago. I think the horsies wanted to be bears.

  • I wonder if football players take gymnastics to learn how to fall / tumble?

  • What about the dance in the end zone? I think they date cheerleaders to get imput on what to do.

  • The pretty spot on each end, scores you points. 6 of them.

  • The big yellow џ gets you bonus points.

  • They wore mufflers for thier hands. he he

  • Knocking your heads together is a form of affection.

  • Referees, must have been the inspiration for the "adults" on Charlie Brown.

  • The next big dance craze should be "The Referee Dance".

  • No one really cares about football anymore, only commericals.

  • Its not necessary to worry about missing the commericals, since they all are availible on the internet.