July 25, 2007


... in the back yard.

So we got this super cool new tent. The people who designed it thought of everything. One corner has a set of mesh shelves, another corner has a small opening for a power cord. There is another spot where you can put things in without opening the door, and all the normal cell phone pockets.

Well its great to have a tent like that, but what fun is it if you never use it? Last night we decided to go camping in the back yard. All of us girls got the air mattresses and sleeping bags. We stayed up late playing Clue and reading books. It was a lot of fun, the only thing missing was the marshmallows. Best part? No spider filled camp shower houses. Worst thing? One of our hens thinks she is a rooster and likes to be a lil noisy in the mornings.

July 23, 2007

The Memo

I have the greatest idea for the next episode of The Office. It could be called Memos. Every hour Michael could send out a memo that names someone who did something they shouldn't have. Such as, "No employee should remove all candy from the candy jar on Pam's desk, Kevin." This one is sent when Michael is craving a treat and there are none.
The next memo sent is concerning cooking food in the kitchen microwave. Michael goes to use it after Kelly cooks some Indian food, and his cheeseburger tastes like curry flavored. He sends out a Memo to tell people that the microwave is off limits if you are cooking wierd food, Kelly." I wonder if I could get hired to write for the show? I wouldn't mind sitting at a desk all day "acting" while surfing the web.

Lately at work, it seems we are getting reminded of someting almost every day in a memo. Most are rather boring. "Take breaks downstairs in the designated area." "Don't have overpowering air freshners, whose odor wafes out of your cubical." "Please adhere to the dress code." Some are a little more exciting though. "If you need to speak with a co-worker, please walk to their desk. Do not use aerial objects."

For the last couple weeks we are getting a memo along these lines almost every other day. Sometimes we even get it a couple times from different managers. TKS Reports! Each time I receive one of these e-mails I am tempted to walk up and down the aisles in my department, looking for the offending party.

July 13, 2007


"Visors are hats for people that like getting ripped off." - Creed, TThe Office

Right now its summer, the time of the year to catch up on tv watching. What else are you going to do? plan a wedding? buy a house? Since we just got this great new TV, I'm going to tell you the best shows to watch.

Gilmore Girls- How I loved thee. I have seen every episode and with seven seasons dating back to pre-shows being online, this was quite a feat. Best thing? You don't have to worry bout changing the channel when mom comes in. Worst thing? Since the show has ended there will be no more Rory / Loralie banter.

Survivor- They keep repeating the same concept, but they always have some new twist. Just when you think that you have it figured out, someone breaks their alliance. Best thing? Every season is unique. Worst thing? You spend the first 6 episodes trying to keep everyone straight.

The Office- Funny, but not overdone. Its a perfect mix of real life in sitcom form. Full of quotable lines and every character contributes. Its the type of show you can watch the same episode three times and its still good. Best thing? Its funny and well written. Worst thing? We have to wait for the fall for new episodes.

Heroes- My newest addiction. I love this show, it reminds me of X-files. I'm mid way through season one. Every time you think you know what is going on, they add someone new or reveal something cool that messes up your theory. Best thing? Its a popular show and you don't have to worry about it being cancelled. Worst thing? I'm not so big on the evolution premise.

Jericho- The show I need an extra hour in the day to watch. I have seen bits and pieces. It looks like such a good quality make you think show. I'm so glad its back on the air. Plus, you can watch online. Best thing? Its back, so there will be more than one season. Worst thing? I'm scared people might have to send more nuts.

July 5, 2007

Independence Day

My favorite holiday is Independence Day. I like it so much. Its the perfect day, the weather is always beautiful. You get parades in the morning. Fairs in the afternoon. People eat delicious food cooked outdoors on the grill, like hamburgers and hot dogs. Unlike Christmas there is very minimal prep time involved. Its a day to just enjoy yourself. The best part of the whole holiday is the FIREWORKS!!

I don't know why I enjoy them so much, I just think they are pretty. They whole sky is lit up with all these colors, and they make this wonderfully loud bang! This year I got to see them with Levi and a couple of our friends. They live in the same town as I and claimed to know the best spot to see them. As we were walking down the street, I was rather nervous. "Are you sure we will have a good view?" "Maybe we should go back to where everyone else is watching them." But we kept pressing on. It was so worth it. She knew the best place to see them. We had the best unobstructed close up view in a non crowded, not lighted place. It couldn't have been more perfect.

I love the 4th of July

July 2, 2007

Car Thief

Its a Monday. I needed coffee. I know we have the MARCC, but I just wanted some good old gas station cappuccino (and it was only 25¢ (thanks Cardinals)). I went into the store, came out with my coffee hit the button to get unlock my car doors, started to climb in and saw a Bible on my passenger seat? I did not have a Bible in my car. I looked a little closer and realized that my purse was missing. Someone stole my purse and replaced it with a BIBLE?!? Thats just wrong.

I'm really starting to freak out now. Should I call the police? Its at that point I look a little closer. This isn't my car. Its identical to Jet Black. Same dark blue exterior, same tan interior. I quickly climb out of the car and close the door. Unfortunately the guy whose car it was had just come out of the gas station. I apologized like five times. Fortunately he was nice about it.

I then walked two spaces to the left, hit the key chain and climbed in to my car. I almost died of embarrassment.

Justification. The cars looked exactly alike and were parked one spot away from each other with an SUV in the middle, so you couldn't see both at once. He had a plastic grocery bag on the passenger seat, I had a plastic grocery bag on the passenger seat. The door opened after I hit the unlock button on my keys. I was distracted trying to carry my phone, coffee and keys. I had not yet actually drank any coffee.