July 13, 2007


"Visors are hats for people that like getting ripped off." - Creed, TThe Office

Right now its summer, the time of the year to catch up on tv watching. What else are you going to do? plan a wedding? buy a house? Since we just got this great new TV, I'm going to tell you the best shows to watch.

Gilmore Girls- How I loved thee. I have seen every episode and with seven seasons dating back to pre-shows being online, this was quite a feat. Best thing? You don't have to worry bout changing the channel when mom comes in. Worst thing? Since the show has ended there will be no more Rory / Loralie banter.

Survivor- They keep repeating the same concept, but they always have some new twist. Just when you think that you have it figured out, someone breaks their alliance. Best thing? Every season is unique. Worst thing? You spend the first 6 episodes trying to keep everyone straight.

The Office- Funny, but not overdone. Its a perfect mix of real life in sitcom form. Full of quotable lines and every character contributes. Its the type of show you can watch the same episode three times and its still good. Best thing? Its funny and well written. Worst thing? We have to wait for the fall for new episodes.

Heroes- My newest addiction. I love this show, it reminds me of X-files. I'm mid way through season one. Every time you think you know what is going on, they add someone new or reveal something cool that messes up your theory. Best thing? Its a popular show and you don't have to worry about it being cancelled. Worst thing? I'm not so big on the evolution premise.

Jericho- The show I need an extra hour in the day to watch. I have seen bits and pieces. It looks like such a good quality make you think show. I'm so glad its back on the air. Plus, you can watch online. Best thing? Its back, so there will be more than one season. Worst thing? I'm scared people might have to send more nuts.


The Franchise said...

Is that Creed quote from his blog on NBC? That blog is hilarious but I keep forgetting to check for updates...

Tanya said...

yep from the NBC blog. Its great.

Swishy said...

At least they're taping like a zillion new Office episodes this year, so no reruns once they start!

I didn't know Creed had an NBC.com blog! I haven't been over there in forever. I thought it was just Dwight. I bet it is HILARIOUS!