July 2, 2007

Car Thief

Its a Monday. I needed coffee. I know we have the MARCC, but I just wanted some good old gas station cappuccino (and it was only 25¢ (thanks Cardinals)). I went into the store, came out with my coffee hit the button to get unlock my car doors, started to climb in and saw a Bible on my passenger seat? I did not have a Bible in my car. I looked a little closer and realized that my purse was missing. Someone stole my purse and replaced it with a BIBLE?!? Thats just wrong.

I'm really starting to freak out now. Should I call the police? Its at that point I look a little closer. This isn't my car. Its identical to Jet Black. Same dark blue exterior, same tan interior. I quickly climb out of the car and close the door. Unfortunately the guy whose car it was had just come out of the gas station. I apologized like five times. Fortunately he was nice about it.

I then walked two spaces to the left, hit the key chain and climbed in to my car. I almost died of embarrassment.

Justification. The cars looked exactly alike and were parked one spot away from each other with an SUV in the middle, so you couldn't see both at once. He had a plastic grocery bag on the passenger seat, I had a plastic grocery bag on the passenger seat. The door opened after I hit the unlock button on my keys. I was distracted trying to carry my phone, coffee and keys. I had not yet actually drank any coffee.

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roeyourboat said...

that is hilarious.