July 23, 2007

The Memo

I have the greatest idea for the next episode of The Office. It could be called Memos. Every hour Michael could send out a memo that names someone who did something they shouldn't have. Such as, "No employee should remove all candy from the candy jar on Pam's desk, Kevin." This one is sent when Michael is craving a treat and there are none.
The next memo sent is concerning cooking food in the kitchen microwave. Michael goes to use it after Kelly cooks some Indian food, and his cheeseburger tastes like curry flavored. He sends out a Memo to tell people that the microwave is off limits if you are cooking wierd food, Kelly." I wonder if I could get hired to write for the show? I wouldn't mind sitting at a desk all day "acting" while surfing the web.

Lately at work, it seems we are getting reminded of someting almost every day in a memo. Most are rather boring. "Take breaks downstairs in the designated area." "Don't have overpowering air freshners, whose odor wafes out of your cubical." "Please adhere to the dress code." Some are a little more exciting though. "If you need to speak with a co-worker, please walk to their desk. Do not use aerial objects."

For the last couple weeks we are getting a memo along these lines almost every other day. Sometimes we even get it a couple times from different managers. TKS Reports! Each time I receive one of these e-mails I am tempted to walk up and down the aisles in my department, looking for the offending party.

1 comment:

Clinton said...

Or Michael could leave the wonderful memos I get from my boss:
Clint, see me.
Then I'm stuck wondering what the hell does he want to see me for.
Could be good, having one of the characters like Andy stressing the whole day.