December 29, 2006

A Myspace Marriage

They met on Myspace. J attracted him with her Bull Riding skills (or at least the picture from the zoo). They make a great couple. Its exciting to see them make that lifelong committment to eachtother. I like when I can see my friends make good decisions and be happy. Congrats you guys!

As more of my friends take this step, it really makes me want to do the same. Like any girl, I desire to find the guy that will love me forever for who I am. It will happen. Maybe I'll catch the bouquet tonight, but I know I'm up against some serious competition. In the last year, so many of us have gotten out of college party, stay up to 4 am, do homework an hour before its due, fun before work mode, and turned into mature adults... well, we're trying at least. Schools over and we want to take the next step.

December 25, 2006

Christmas Present

Today has been a good day. Typical Christmas morning. I woke up and my sisters were all excited about opening presents. I think having kids in the house makes the Holiday more fun. Although I've been looking forward to giving my family their presents. I always try to think of things they will enjoy. My mom always asks for kitchen stuff (so she can work) and my dad for tools. I like when I find that gift, that isn't so much something they need, but something they like.

Even though I miss the big family gatherings where I see my cousins whose names I barely know, its nice having a day where we can just relax. With my extended family all far away we don't have any pressure to go see this person or that person. I do feel bad for my sisters who haven't gotten to experience the tradition of sneaking into the part of the house that is "off limits" and trying to figure out who is dressing as Santa Claus that year. One year when my mother was a child, she went with her cousin, Robin, who didn't figure out it was her own father.

I've always found it intersting how different people celebrate. I've known people who barely acknowledge the day and others who go all out. I like to be somewhere in the middle.

December 12, 2006

Snow Globe

My life is a snow globe. I'm the snowman in the center, with everything swirling around. Its the same things that have always been there, but they are changing positions and I can no longer relate to them in the way I did before. They are moving and changing. I want things to land, then I can learn to relate again, but until they do, I'm stuck in the confusion.

I have friendships that are in a precarious position. My relationships are changing with these people. I really care about those I call friends, so it hurts when there is discord.

The church that I was so excited about, has really disappointed me. I don't know what to do. I want to use wisdom, but that isn't always easy when emotions are involved.

I just want things to fall back into their place. I don't like the swirling, its making me dizzy.

December 8, 2006


For so long I have desired to be a part of different groups, sometimes I was accepted, other times I had to start my own. I think its a basic need of most people to feel included. They want to find somewhere they belong, where they are accepted.

Churchs are infamous for having groups. Usually, they have the group who does all the work and the group of people who only show up on Sunday. The leading group is usually very cliquish, just like highschool. Anyone new who joins has a hard time breaking into that. I once heard that 10% of the people do 90% of the work in a church. I believe it, but the part of that stat I have a problem with is the 10% doesn't give the 90% an opportunity to contribute.

Opportunity is key. If a need arises and the 10% just solve it without giving others a chance to help, they are hurting the 90%. Not everyone always jumps up and says "Me first!" Think back to elemenatary school, there was always that kid who raised their hand with the answer, but often times the teacher would call on someone else. The second kid may have something great to contribute, but is reluctant or thinks they don't matter. A good leader will see the potential in the non-pushy people and give them an opportunity to shine.

The point of all this? People need to be INCLUDED. Don't exclude people, because someone else volunteered first. Don't leave people out and make them think they don't matter. Good leaders know how to step back and give everyone an opportunity to become an important part of the group.

Update: You can read Stew's comments on this post at his blog.

December 6, 2006


Well, I did not meet the 50,000 word requirement. I only got 1/5 of the way there. Which isn't too bad all things considered. Next year, I will start on the first and have it better planned. It has been kind of fun reliving my senior year. I don't think my writing was really quality, it will take a lot of editing before I'd let someone read it. Introspectively it has been neat to see how much I have changed. While I still have a sence of adventure and love to have fun, I realize that I have really matured over the past year and a half.

This November has just been so hectic. Work has changed from an easy job, where I always finished my stuff and got to help someone else, to me having to ask for help myself. (Which I hate to do). Maybe, I can get a raise or promotion out of it, but probably not. I am really not as dissatisfied as I sound. People around here have been showing me respect and treat me as an authority on credit card issues at least. Somedays I'm also the personal IT for my co-workers. "Tanya, do you know anything about scanners? Tanya, where did the button to click on to send my e-mail go?" I don't mind, usually they are easy problems to fix. It seems like my willingness to learn new things and work hard has given me more value. Now if only that value would trade into $$.