December 29, 2006

A Myspace Marriage

They met on Myspace. J attracted him with her Bull Riding skills (or at least the picture from the zoo). They make a great couple. Its exciting to see them make that lifelong committment to eachtother. I like when I can see my friends make good decisions and be happy. Congrats you guys!

As more of my friends take this step, it really makes me want to do the same. Like any girl, I desire to find the guy that will love me forever for who I am. It will happen. Maybe I'll catch the bouquet tonight, but I know I'm up against some serious competition. In the last year, so many of us have gotten out of college party, stay up to 4 am, do homework an hour before its due, fun before work mode, and turned into mature adults... well, we're trying at least. Schools over and we want to take the next step.


Slatts said...

I can empathize with your feelings here. It's an unusual transition from young-adult to simply I seem to want to prolong as long as possible! :P

Quoda said...

I hear ya, Tanya! Here I am in my "real job" and I'm still looking and wondering... it's weird. I still feel like a college student sometimes.