December 12, 2006

Snow Globe

My life is a snow globe. I'm the snowman in the center, with everything swirling around. Its the same things that have always been there, but they are changing positions and I can no longer relate to them in the way I did before. They are moving and changing. I want things to land, then I can learn to relate again, but until they do, I'm stuck in the confusion.

I have friendships that are in a precarious position. My relationships are changing with these people. I really care about those I call friends, so it hurts when there is discord.

The church that I was so excited about, has really disappointed me. I don't know what to do. I want to use wisdom, but that isn't always easy when emotions are involved.

I just want things to fall back into their place. I don't like the swirling, its making me dizzy.

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Jessica R. Goodwin said...

There really is no story behind it... Kikka just randomly climbed onto the kitchen table, and refused to get down. :)

How has the church disappointed you?

Remember... even if things seem disoriented from your view inside the snow globe, it doesn't mean that God isn't making a beautiful picture when you look at it from the outside.