December 6, 2006


Well, I did not meet the 50,000 word requirement. I only got 1/5 of the way there. Which isn't too bad all things considered. Next year, I will start on the first and have it better planned. It has been kind of fun reliving my senior year. I don't think my writing was really quality, it will take a lot of editing before I'd let someone read it. Introspectively it has been neat to see how much I have changed. While I still have a sence of adventure and love to have fun, I realize that I have really matured over the past year and a half.

This November has just been so hectic. Work has changed from an easy job, where I always finished my stuff and got to help someone else, to me having to ask for help myself. (Which I hate to do). Maybe, I can get a raise or promotion out of it, but probably not. I am really not as dissatisfied as I sound. People around here have been showing me respect and treat me as an authority on credit card issues at least. Somedays I'm also the personal IT for my co-workers. "Tanya, do you know anything about scanners? Tanya, where did the button to click on to send my e-mail go?" I don't mind, usually they are easy problems to fix. It seems like my willingness to learn new things and work hard has given me more value. Now if only that value would trade into $$.


Nici said...

KEWL! Keepup the good work girlie! :) It was really good to see you monday :)

Slatts said...

ya beat me!!! :P