December 25, 2006

Christmas Present

Today has been a good day. Typical Christmas morning. I woke up and my sisters were all excited about opening presents. I think having kids in the house makes the Holiday more fun. Although I've been looking forward to giving my family their presents. I always try to think of things they will enjoy. My mom always asks for kitchen stuff (so she can work) and my dad for tools. I like when I find that gift, that isn't so much something they need, but something they like.

Even though I miss the big family gatherings where I see my cousins whose names I barely know, its nice having a day where we can just relax. With my extended family all far away we don't have any pressure to go see this person or that person. I do feel bad for my sisters who haven't gotten to experience the tradition of sneaking into the part of the house that is "off limits" and trying to figure out who is dressing as Santa Claus that year. One year when my mother was a child, she went with her cousin, Robin, who didn't figure out it was her own father.

I've always found it intersting how different people celebrate. I've known people who barely acknowledge the day and others who go all out. I like to be somewhere in the middle.

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