October 30, 2005

Doing the 9 to 5

Well, actually its 8-4:30, but you get the idea. I have a grown up job, no more staying up super late doing nothing. No more not having to work during the week unless I feel like it. I recently started going to a small group Bible study and one of the girls there works for ESI. She started by working for a temp agency for express secripts, and decided to pass my resume on. Well two days later I went in for and interview and got a job. Yay. I started on Wed. of last week. Its an easy enough job, the people there are nice. I make about what I do at Bob's but at least here I can move up. For the rest of this week I am working to cover someone who had surgery and is on leave. After that I have no idea what I will be doing, but I hope its more interesting. I need something that will challenge me at least a lil bit.

I need a day off. I have worked 8 of the last nine days, plus I dont get another day off until next Saturday, if I'm lucky. :( Being an orphan makes things difficult too, because I get all the house stuff. Not that there really is that much to do when its just me.

GG and I celebrated two months on Friday. He got me red roses. :) I really like him a lot. A whole lot. Kristen said she knew after two months. I really like him. Its weird, because we do talk about serious stuff sometimes... He is super cool. We'll see....

October 20, 2005


The past week I have enjoyed having the family around, espicially since they had been gone. I missed the noise and wildness that comes with having kids, a dog, and my mom in the house. I like that now since we are both "adults" to a certain extent, we talk about stuff. We borrow clothes, discuss life. I see many of my friends who don't have good relationships with their parents and I feel sad for them. I am blessed to have good parents espicially my mom, and I don't often appreciate her enough.

October 6, 2005

Another day, another $10.25

I have been bothering my managers all week to work. Since no one's home, I have been bored. Having the house to myself is great, I always enjoy my first few days as an orphan. Them it gets boring. You can only watch so much mindless t.v. Today I'm lucky enough to have picked up a few hours at work. Ed called me to hostess, them because he was too lazy to add hostess to my sign-in he is paying me my retail pay. Its making up for me not working all week. Plus, it has been so dead here all I've done is busy work and play on my phone. Life is great!