October 30, 2005

Doing the 9 to 5

Well, actually its 8-4:30, but you get the idea. I have a grown up job, no more staying up super late doing nothing. No more not having to work during the week unless I feel like it. I recently started going to a small group Bible study and one of the girls there works for ESI. She started by working for a temp agency for express secripts, and decided to pass my resume on. Well two days later I went in for and interview and got a job. Yay. I started on Wed. of last week. Its an easy enough job, the people there are nice. I make about what I do at Bob's but at least here I can move up. For the rest of this week I am working to cover someone who had surgery and is on leave. After that I have no idea what I will be doing, but I hope its more interesting. I need something that will challenge me at least a lil bit.

I need a day off. I have worked 8 of the last nine days, plus I dont get another day off until next Saturday, if I'm lucky. :( Being an orphan makes things difficult too, because I get all the house stuff. Not that there really is that much to do when its just me.

GG and I celebrated two months on Friday. He got me red roses. :) I really like him a lot. A whole lot. Kristen said she knew after two months. I really like him. Its weird, because we do talk about serious stuff sometimes... He is super cool. We'll see....

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Slatts said...

I'm happy you have a 'real job' finally.
Are you?