July 25, 2005

Running on E

I am not the smartest person in the world. I'm sure that is not a suprising fact to those who know me. I have been working like crazy, running around all over the place.

Remember my old white car? It had this nice light that would come on when the gas was low. I was able to drive for a while when the light came on. Jet Black - The Mystery Car has no such light. I found that out today. I found that out across the street from the gas station. I was leaving Bob Evans intending to stop and get fuel on the way home, but I never made it out of the lot. So after setting my ememrgency lights on I go back inside. I ask around for a gas can, but no one has one. Then I walked to the gas station, they let you borrow a gas can for a nice $5 deposit. I also had to give them money for the gas I put in it. I left my wallet in the car, but fortunately I had like $7 in my apron pocket from the hour I waitressed.

I made it home, barely, with a newly learned lesson. Just like people can't run on E neither can cars.

July 18, 2005

Steve Erwin doesn't have anything on me!

"TANYA! IS THAT A SNAKE IN THE GARAGE?" I go and look. It was. Not just any snake, but a scary black one that is three miles long. It doesn't reside in a nice safe glass cage, but it is hanging out in our garage. The garage that I was just in two minutes previously in shorts with bare feet. It could have attacked me.

We call my dad, who is out shopping and my mom and I take shifts watching it. I grabed a mop planning on squashing it if it tries to come anywhere near me. Just before my dad arrives it moves into the rather large pile of stuff in our garage. We can't see where it went.

My dad looks all around and we almost give up, until finally he sees it behind some boards. I stand guard while my dad constructs a noose. He almost has it and then it slithers off. So we have another big search and then comes the action scene. The snake is on the move, I have my mop and dad the noose and we are trying to trap it in one spot. It latches onto some shelves, but dad manges to trap it. Then the snake begins to tie itself around the frame of the shelf. We use an old snowscraper to untie the knot of reptile.

Now its time to go over our options, to kill or not to kill. Its ugly and black with a faint diamond patter. I say KILL! but Dad decides to have mercy and release in the cornfield behind the house. Where does it decide to go? Right back toward our yard. Mom and I have the flashlights trying to follow it on its journey, like the star of a play. Sneaky snake however does not like being the star. He wants to be behind the scenes, so he crawls under a rock. We have lost him.

July 6, 2005

I'm a Wimp

I really don't know what to write. I just know that I have to.
I don't really understand it. Lately it seems all the guys that I even manage to halfway date lose interest rather quickly. Except this guy who gives me attention at work, but I'm scared to even mention him to my family. I know he isn't right for me, but I just want to be liked. Every time in the past when I have tried sneaking around things have turned out bad, something which I do not want to repeat. Still what am I to do? I might be 22, but usually it feel more like 18. Maybe I'm acting like it. What would I say? "Its my life, let me make my mistakes?" Then I don't even know what would happen and I'm too scared to see. I always try to live up to my mother's expectations. She tells me to be "a step above" she wants me to succeed. I can't stand disappointing her. Not that I don't have goals and dreams of my own, she reminds me of things I've said for myself. it just seems like I always try to gain her favor, and when I do something that won't; I just hide it. Which is wrong. I can't do that anymore since I'm not 15.
I'm a wimp.