July 25, 2005

Running on E

I am not the smartest person in the world. I'm sure that is not a suprising fact to those who know me. I have been working like crazy, running around all over the place.

Remember my old white car? It had this nice light that would come on when the gas was low. I was able to drive for a while when the light came on. Jet Black - The Mystery Car has no such light. I found that out today. I found that out across the street from the gas station. I was leaving Bob Evans intending to stop and get fuel on the way home, but I never made it out of the lot. So after setting my ememrgency lights on I go back inside. I ask around for a gas can, but no one has one. Then I walked to the gas station, they let you borrow a gas can for a nice $5 deposit. I also had to give them money for the gas I put in it. I left my wallet in the car, but fortunately I had like $7 in my apron pocket from the hour I waitressed.

I made it home, barely, with a newly learned lesson. Just like people can't run on E neither can cars.

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