August 3, 2005

Pack up the RV on a Ramblin Road Trip

This week has become one of hte most hectic of the year, but the funnest. Its VBS at Pheasant Point. It is one of the things this church does well. Just like the past few years I have the job of Photographer. I love it. I don't have the responsibility of teaching a class, I get to play with all the kids and wander in and out of rooms without anyone questioning me.

Its so much fun! One of the VBS kids, who is super cool and loves getting her picture taken took the one that is now my profile pic. Just so you know I have the lead for the teachers in Oreo stacking with a grand total of 25. :)

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Anonymous said...

that is funny tanya. its me big joe. i finnally found your blog, impressive. just wanted to drop a line. bye.

P.S. give me a call soon.