August 23, 2005

Now I have options

I met a boy. Well, actually I have known this boy for a while. We just got to that point where we decided that we might be interested in each other. I've already subjected him to my family. He even went on a Muny trip with us. She approves. He is a good guy. From now on he will be referred to as gg (good guy). He even installed my cd player into Jet Black ~the Mystery Car~. How nice is that? He lives about 10 minutes away. Perfect.

On the flip side, I still flirt with work guy. I must let go of this silly infatuation. It would be a hundred times easier if I got a new job, but since that hasn't happened I'll just have to be a grown-up and be mature about it.

Because the choice is clear... right? Of course right!

1 comment:

jp said...

the choice IS clear! sleep with me instead!