September 1, 2005

She's got a boyfriend now!

The queen of singleness has finally laid aside her crown. GG and I are "official". It feels strange to have a boyfriend, I am not quite sure how to act, am I supposed to try to see him everyday? What do I say to all my friends? family? although my grandmommy will be pleased. She never fails to ask me if I have "found a fellow". So now I can answer yes. Tommrow he is taking me out for a suprise. I like suprises, it will be a good time I'm sure.

On another note, although I almost never comment on life outside the tanya bubble, I feel as if I must. The hurricane and flood damage in the south is unreal. I watch it everyday and it feels like a movie. I'm sure there will be one out next year sometime. It hurts to see all this human suffering. This shouldn't happen in America, yet it has. I wonder what kind of impact it will have on life. All day long the tv is on one of the news networks, I have almost cried a few times, just seeing the pictures and hearing the stories. When I get online, I head straight to nbc and fox to read the latest. I read fox's blog about a lady from Slidell, then I find a link to a site that has listings of people who have opened their homes to the victims. Some make me laugh, because of the requests or offers they make. I wish I could do somthing. I have been praying, which doesn't really feel like much, but then I realized that the God I've been praying to controls the waters. Hopefully this will be a time where many people will turn to him.

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That's so sweet...