September 27, 2005


I am happy. I have a good relationship, for once I am not the "queen of singleness". My boyfriend is super cool. He does great things for me like brings flowers and takes me on suprise dates. He is such a great guy. I can trust him entirely.

My trust in people has been shaken a bit. Apparently the flirt had a girlfriend. The whole time he was showing interest in me. Nice to know after the fact. I feel so bad for the girl, she called me up crying. I know I would have been. It just makes me mad that he treated her that way. Too bad all girls can't find a guy as good as my gg. I am glad I never let it leave work.

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Daniel said...

Hey Tanya,
Found your page through the notanapology forum. Everything sounds great, I'm happy for you. Still running for president? What year are you on the ticket.