August 28, 2007

Moony over my Honey

We made a trip to KC for our Honeymoon. The bed and breakfast we stayed at was so nice. The lady who ran the Inn brought us our breakfast up to the room each day. She made such good stuff too, French Toast one day and omelettes the next. I told Levi that he shouldn't get too used to the great meals, because breakfast when we got home would be milk and cereal. All the rooms were decorated with different themes. While we were there I managed to spy and peek inside each one of them. :D

We did the good touristy stuff. If you are ever there I would recommend visiting the WWI Museum. It was one of the best I have ever been to. Lets see, we also went on a Gondola ride downtown. That was really nice, when I saw the website for it I was sold on visiting KC.

It was so nice for us to spend time together with no distractions. I love him lots. :D

August 27, 2007

Our Perfect Wedding

Our day was perfect. The weather was great. I got up early and when to get my hair done. A couple weeks ago, I went for a "trial run". When I got home I cried. My original hair do made me look like a 80s prom queen. The actual wedding hairstyle was much much better. I felt pretty, well I felt like I looked pretty. With bobby pins anchored inside my scull, my head hurt. A lot.

I arrived at the church about 45 minutes before the wedding. I didn't want a lot of down time before the ceremony, where I would have nothing to do but stand around. My bridesmaids were all there. It didn't take long to put the finishing touches on our outfits. My florist was so kind and let me borrow a blue bracelet, so I could be superstitious and have something "old, new, borrowed and blue".

My dad wouldn't "give me away" (He refused to "give away a perfectly good daughter") He did however walk me down the aisle and present me for marriage. :D I asked my Mom to read 1 Corinthians 13. It was beautiful. The pastor made everyone laugh when he told our story. We are such nerds. We said our vows and made our kiss just a little awkwardly long. :D

The reception was so much fun. The pastors daughter was such a doll. She was the first on the dance floor. People seems to have such a good time. I really wanted my wedding to be fun, so everyone could share in the joy of our marriage.

August 18, 2007


I'm getting married! How crazy-cool-amazing-exciting-scary-great-
wonderful-new-adventurous-deep-forever is that?


Well, not quite yet, but I will be in just a few short hours. I'm so excited!!!
Everyone keeps asking me if I am nervous. Really I'm not. I've been busy, and a little worried about getting everything needed in time, but not nervous about marrying Levi. I know that I am marrying the best man God has chosen for me. I hope our wedding will go well, but its our marriage that is really important.

I think it will be really cool to be a wife. I know that we will have lots of fun together. He always makes me laugh and listens to me when I whine. He comforts me when I am sad, and rejoices with me when I am happy.

I'm ready for this day! Its going to be so great! God has really blessed me!

August 12, 2007

Bike, Boxes, Bachlorette

This has been an eventful weekend. It all started Friday when my sister won a bike!! How cool is that? My neighbor kid got the other one. They were some excited kids. This was the first year in a long time that I wasn't the photographer for VBS. I did, however, go to family night and visit with everyone.

Saturday was moving day. Big moving day. Which really wasn't that big. I've been slowly taking things over to the Nest, but now I finally have the majority of my things there and few left with me. Can I mention how much I hate packing? It was torturous, espicially since I have just discovered Pandora and Tasha (the Toshiba laptop) was in a coma. After much work I managed to revive her and she is just like new. New in the sense that her hard drive is nice and empty because I lost everything on it.

Saturday Evening We had my Bachorette party! This was a really good time. My MOH organized it. We started at Olive Garden, where I ate way too much food. Then we headed to the mall for a Scavenger Hunt. We had to find different wedding-related things such as "Something borrowed, something blue, a guy who looks like Levi, a girl who looks like me...". Good times.

August 7, 2007

A True Friend

What is a friend? The dictionary says "a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard". I view my friends as people I care about, who also care about me in return. A pretty simple concept.

I don't think friends have to talk everyday or hang out every weekend. There are people I would consider a friend, that I haven't even seen in months. We just don't have a common meeting place. It doesn't mean I don't care about the people. We are both just busy. There is nothing wrong with that.

My MOH (matron of honor) is one of those type of friends. We don't get together all the time. We aren't on the phone with each other every day, but I still consider her a good friend. When we hang out we have a lot of fun together, and when we talk we have great conversation. There have been times we've gone 6 months without contact, yet I still consider her a close enough friend to ask her to be my MOH.

On the other side of the spectrum I have a different friend. We hadn't talked since May. Not because I don't like the person, but just because I have been busy. My phone takes incoming calls though, so the blame is not entirely on me. This person however has stated they "wish me well in life, but no longer wishes to have the friendship". This makes me so sad. I feel like I have done something to offend the person.

I understand that some friendships are for a season like school friends, when the class ends so does your friendship. Its not a bad thing, just the way life is. Still I feel a sense of loss, because this friendship wasn't based on a common activity. We became friends when we worked together, but continued being friends after that ended. I guess thats just life.

August 2, 2007


I have to say that as much as I complain about living in the cube world, I have great co-workers. Today we had a "meeting" at 12:30. I was all prepared to go discuss whats been going on. I even took the time to make a list of things I wanted to bring up.

But when we walked into the room, everyone who was already there, yelled "Surprise!" I really was. I didn't even think that I was going to have a shower. It was so nice of my co-workers to do this for me. Mostly it was people on my team, but there were a couple people from other teams as well. It made me feel so special. They gave me gifts and cake.

August 1, 2007

At the old Ball Game

Last night I got to go see a baseball game. We had gotten some free tickets to a minor league game. It was so much fun. Everyone was laid back and cool. You didn't have to wait in forever long lines. There were lots of people there as families. I was reading that Monday nights are even a night where people are allowed to bring their dog.

I just thought that was cool. Major league athletes always seem to be causing trouble, and good tickets to games are quite pricey. Here there wasn't a bad seat (except for ones in the sun, but since the park it outside, its to be expected). Between each inning they had some kind of contest or cheer or something on the field. The kids were even allowed to go run the bases when the game was over. Isn't this how it should be? Not the over-glamorized commercialized thing it has become.