August 28, 2007

Moony over my Honey

We made a trip to KC for our Honeymoon. The bed and breakfast we stayed at was so nice. The lady who ran the Inn brought us our breakfast up to the room each day. She made such good stuff too, French Toast one day and omelettes the next. I told Levi that he shouldn't get too used to the great meals, because breakfast when we got home would be milk and cereal. All the rooms were decorated with different themes. While we were there I managed to spy and peek inside each one of them. :D

We did the good touristy stuff. If you are ever there I would recommend visiting the WWI Museum. It was one of the best I have ever been to. Lets see, we also went on a Gondola ride downtown. That was really nice, when I saw the website for it I was sold on visiting KC.

It was so nice for us to spend time together with no distractions. I love him lots. :D

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JODI said...

No Worlds of Fun? Every honeymoon should have a good roller coaster ride.