August 7, 2007

A True Friend

What is a friend? The dictionary says "a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard". I view my friends as people I care about, who also care about me in return. A pretty simple concept.

I don't think friends have to talk everyday or hang out every weekend. There are people I would consider a friend, that I haven't even seen in months. We just don't have a common meeting place. It doesn't mean I don't care about the people. We are both just busy. There is nothing wrong with that.

My MOH (matron of honor) is one of those type of friends. We don't get together all the time. We aren't on the phone with each other every day, but I still consider her a good friend. When we hang out we have a lot of fun together, and when we talk we have great conversation. There have been times we've gone 6 months without contact, yet I still consider her a close enough friend to ask her to be my MOH.

On the other side of the spectrum I have a different friend. We hadn't talked since May. Not because I don't like the person, but just because I have been busy. My phone takes incoming calls though, so the blame is not entirely on me. This person however has stated they "wish me well in life, but no longer wishes to have the friendship". This makes me so sad. I feel like I have done something to offend the person.

I understand that some friendships are for a season like school friends, when the class ends so does your friendship. Its not a bad thing, just the way life is. Still I feel a sense of loss, because this friendship wasn't based on a common activity. We became friends when we worked together, but continued being friends after that ended. I guess thats just life.


roeyourboat said...

its odd that just bc someone hasn't talked to you in a while that they decide to announce that they are no longer going to talk to you. fishy.
better off w/o them i say. not a true friend indeed.

Swishy said...

Oh, I HATE when friendships end. I have one that kind of ended recently, too, and it honestly broke my heart. (I thought I'd been a great friend to this person, too!) I'm sorry :(

Pinkela said...

hmm thas strange thing to say lol im sorry huny......i heart you!!! said...

I know the feeling hun and i hate it when they don't even give you a reason why.. they only end it.... as sad as it is they are not worth it.... all the luck with you plans i hope all the happiness for you. Janelle