August 1, 2007

At the old Ball Game

Last night I got to go see a baseball game. We had gotten some free tickets to a minor league game. It was so much fun. Everyone was laid back and cool. You didn't have to wait in forever long lines. There were lots of people there as families. I was reading that Monday nights are even a night where people are allowed to bring their dog.

I just thought that was cool. Major league athletes always seem to be causing trouble, and good tickets to games are quite pricey. Here there wasn't a bad seat (except for ones in the sun, but since the park it outside, its to be expected). Between each inning they had some kind of contest or cheer or something on the field. The kids were even allowed to go run the bases when the game was over. Isn't this how it should be? Not the over-glamorized commercialized thing it has become.

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Swishy said...

I've only been to one minor league game, but it was totally fun!