September 12, 2007

The New Resume

I stole this from Josh's blog.

The Josh Sorokach Employment Test
1. Describe what has been your favorite job up to this point in your life.
Waitressing at Bob Evans, fun people (most of the time) and the mean / dumb ones give me good material for stories.
2. Describe your ideal fantasy job. I would love to be creative and come up with new ideas, maybe a PR company.
3. Briefly describe a key point on your resume. I have worked at the same place since I was 16. Thats dedication.
4. If you dad stole some bread from your boss because he was starving, would you take a vacation to Hawaii or send your dad a nice silver pen set to sort of say, “Hey I have so much money I drop over one hundred Washington’s on a pen." Neither. What kind of question is that?
6. Please describe your greatest strength and then juxtapose it with your greatest weakness. My greatest strength is that I can make anything sound nice, that means I find the positive side of someone losing a leg.
7. What song would you sing if the office went out for karaoke? I would sing the theme song from "The Office" Da da dadada dum...
8. Remember that scene in Rain Man when Dustin Hoffman counts all of those toothpicks? That was nuts. Anyway do you remember it? Nope, never saw it.
9. Rate the importance of personal fiscal success in relation to the overall financial success of this company. Happy employees do better work (see Google)
10. What are your top three choices for the office to watch on “Movie Monday’s?”
Oceans 11, Catch me if you Can, Grease
11. Honestly are you a good worker. Be honest, hence why I said honestly. Sure, I can accomplish in four hours what takes most people 8.
12. In regards to employment what is the biggest problem facing young people today in this changing social and economic climate. No one wants to give us a job because we don't have enough "experience".
13. If you saw Rick from marketing drop a twenty would you give it back to him? Yeah
14. Rate your skill level in intramural sports. On a scale of 1-10, i would get a 1 or 2.
15. Why should we hire you? I would be a very loyal, hard working employee. Plus, I'd bring in "good coffee."

Personality Test:
1. Favorite TV Show, movie, and non alcoholic beverage. Jericho / The Office, Catch me if you Can, Milk
2. Last concert you attended? Andrew Peterson
3. What did you do last Friday night? I went to the Andrew Peterson Concert.
4. Would you take 300 hundred dollars, St. James Place, a get out of jail free card, and one free ride of your choosing for Park Place? Depends who had boardwalk.
5. Who would win in a fight: A lazy yet slightly angry invisible Lion or an elephant with the sniffles that has a propensity for danger? The lion. Elephants don't have claws.

And finally…if someone wrote a book about you and the publisher absolutely needed it finished today, what would the title be? The Adventures of Tanya

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Swishy said...

Love it! My favorite job was at the mall. I loved that job.