September 18, 2007

One Month and Counting

Its our One Month Anniversary!! Its been a good first month of marriage (with the exception of being sick). Home is feeling more like home than just a place where I am staying. I've gotten good at cooking with only 3 pots. (The store was out of the good ones we want to get.) Levi got the garage all in order and the basement. Now all we need to do is decorate. Anyone have any good connections at TLC or Home and Garden Network?

On a different subject. We had a fire drill at work today. It was good weather, so I didn't mind the break. We went back inside and I started working again. About an hour after our fire drill the company sends out an e-mail saying FYI: Emergency Evacuation Drills Scheduled in September for Corporate Buildings. It also included the escape plans for each wing on each floor. Useful? Maybe two hours go. Now? Not so much.

Maybe we can have a redo tomorrow, I hear the weather is supposed to be great.

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