June 26, 2007


So the coffee situation at the new building is just as bad as it was at the old. Fortunately, the two-baggers are on a different floor, so we don't have them making bad coffee worse. Unfortunately, we still have bad company provided coffee. I have a theory that, since they have a cafe that serves Starbucks. They want us to spend our money there, so they give us grossness to drink for free. Counting on the fact that everyone who is an addict will go for the Starbucks.

To counteract that we have formed the MARCC (Member A/R Coffee Club). Several of us hardcore coffee drinkers united to purchase drinkable coffee. We fill a carafe and keep it on a desk, away from the icky coffee. Then we drink it and its cheaper than buying coffee every morning. I am the VP / Treasurer / Secretary. Which reminds me I have some $$ to collect, someone hasn't paid their $3 membership fee.

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The Franchise said...

I know why do large corporations always have bad coffee. The coffee at MTV was awful. The coffee at the new place I work at is pretty good though, although it doesn't give me a jolt like starbucks.