June 13, 2007

Office Wars - Moving

My office is moving. A whole block down the street. We go from being in the building no one knows about to the old corporate (or whatever the higher-ups think it should be called this week). I've seen old corporate, it looks nicer. I think that dodging the trashcans in the hallways whenever it rains will be thing of the past. But it means I will have to give up my view of Burger King and the gas station. No more trips across the street (I feel like a Frogger) to get some 25¢ drinks when the cards score more than 6. (Although, that isn't happening as much as it should).

This week things here have been weird. Its like half the people here have already checked out. The icky coffee supply is running low. The vending guy doesn't even fill our vending machines anymore. Sad. I guess we will have to start eating our desks, since there are no longer any pop tarts or grandma cookies.

The worst thing about the move is we have to keep our chairs. Old corporate has nice chairs that come in 3 sizes, for 3 different sizes of people. That means that I could have gotten a chair that fit me comfortable but noooo, the people who get the fancy brand new eco friendly artwork decorated building took their chairs. Meanies. 1 2 3 4 I declare Office War!

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