June 22, 2007

Adventures in Bachlorhood

Matt has moved into the house. He is now getting to experience being on his own and a homeowner. For the most part things have gone pretty easily, but there have been a few trials.

It all began with our "Point 5" bathroom. Part of flusher broke. Being a resourceful guy, he went to fix it and to keep it from running over. When he tried to wedge it into the position to turn the water off, the lever snapped. Now, he had to find the water shut off for the toilet. After much turning he did manage to cut off the water supply.

Later that evening, he became very hungry. Now I've grown up with a toaster oven, but for him it was a new appliance. He decided to use it to warm up some left over Crab Rangoon. He put it in the oven and left it warming. Well, I guess he left it a little too long, because they burnt, a lot, with enough smoke to set off the fire alarm. He tried opening doors, but the alarm kept chirping. Finally, he just took the battery out. Throughout this whole ordeal I was on the phone with him trying not to giggle. (I wasn't very successful). Then instead of tossing out the food, he eats the inside which was okay. He was still starving. Poor guy. We need to get married soon so I can keep him from starvation.

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roeyourboat said...

where did he live before he moved into the house alone? did his roommates constantly cook for him?