June 15, 2007


Today is the day! The day I get to go into major debt. The day I get a new home. The day my dream for the last 4 years comes to fruition. Levi and I are getting our new home. Its exciting!!!

We close in about an hour then the rest of the day we're moving stuff over. He gets to live there first, then I move in after we get married. Last night I found boxes that have been packed up since my MBU days and loaded them into Jet Black ~the mystery car~. We're going to get our house all set up this weekend.

We're moving at work today, too. Its b-u-s-y, busy week. Monday morning when I get to work, I'll have a new cube, with not so much privacy, but a nicer layout from what I hear. Maybe I'll just make a tent over my new cube if people bother me to much.


roeyourboat said...

i respect that a lot that you aren't moving in until ya'll are married. That's how I view it too! congrats.

The Franchise said...

You are an adult. I write about My Two Dad's and you buy a house...maybe I'll right a blog about my dream house that might bridge the gap