February 18, 2007


I've had the best Valentine's Week. It all started on Monday when Levi sent me flowers at work on Monday. Maybe some of you guys won't understand, but there is something deliciously wonderful about getting flowers at work. All the other girls look at you with envy hoping their guys will do something sweet for them. Until Levi, I was never the one to get the treats, which just makes this that much nicer.

On actual Valentine's Day I invited him over to my house. He came over and we played guitars. We practiced Andrew Peterson's "Just as I am", we might sing it one of these Friday nights. Its such a great song.

Saturday was our Valentine's Day night. We dressed up all nice, we even had a picture taken before we left my house. He took me to dinner at the same place we went on one of our very first dates. Then we went down to the Fox theater to see Stomp. As soon as we walked in I looked up and around. That place is so neat, its an old theater with all the elegance of days past, before metal and glass became so in vogue. Stomp was really neat. The way they would tap on things and make a song out of it was so neat, you never knew what they would use next.

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