February 5, 2007

Turn the U 90º Clockwise

I have some ideas about last nights Super Bowl.
  • If you turn the horseshoe to the right, you get a C for Chicago. I think the horsies wanted to be bears.

  • I wonder if football players take gymnastics to learn how to fall / tumble?

  • What about the dance in the end zone? I think they date cheerleaders to get imput on what to do.

  • The pretty spot on each end, scores you points. 6 of them.

  • The big yellow џ gets you bonus points.

  • They wore mufflers for thier hands. he he

  • Knocking your heads together is a form of affection.

  • Referees, must have been the inspiration for the "adults" on Charlie Brown.

  • The next big dance craze should be "The Referee Dance".

  • No one really cares about football anymore, only commericals.

  • Its not necessary to worry about missing the commericals, since they all are availible on the internet.


    Allison said...

    Actually, you would have to turn the horse shoe 90 degrees clockwise. 45 would make it look more like a cannon pointing to the top left hand corner of your computer screen.

    I had a stupid typo in the 1st one, so I deleted it.

    Anonymous said...

    when are we going to create this "Referee Dance"?


    Anthony said...

    I care about football... but only when REAL teams are playing...