February 13, 2007

Am I the only one?

Sometimes I wonder.

This morning I decided to get fuel for Jet Black on the way to work. I could have waited and done it later, but since its all snowy and icy, I wanted to have a full tank of gas. I pull into the station. Turn my car off so only the radio is playing (It was a great song, I had to hear the rest of it.) and pull the release for the gas door. After my pep talk - its not that cold, you won't freeze, I get out of the warm car, and press the "Pay Cash Inside" button for my 4¢ discount on each gallon. When I go to stick the pump into my tank, I realize the door wasn't open. Thinking that perhaps I was a little too much into that song, I pulled the latch again. No luck. So I climbed back into the car and tracked down my scraper. I removed the layer of ice on my car and gave a hopeful tug. aaahhhhh. What am I going to do if I can't fuel my car?

Finally, I went inside and got weird looks from the guy behind the counter. I'm sure he thought I was scheming, since I pretended like I was going to pump gas, but did not. My Wash U coffe cup was filled with some hot water that melted the ice that was holding the door fast. I filled up the tank, paid my $20 bucks and left. Only me.


Roxann said...

No, that's happened to me several times recently. What I do is hit the little door a couple times to make sure I've loosened it, then I wedge my wallet under the lever that opens the gas tank to make sure its unlocked, then I pry it open with a car key or similar other sturdy object if another tap on it doesn't solve the problem. Definitely not just you....

Matthew said...

i just got gas today....it was frozen. i whacked it with my pocket knife and all was good. your not the only one