April 13, 2005

I need a car!!!

so if ever you're bored and feel like reading back all the way to December you can see pictures of what happened to my car. It was sad. I regret the way things happened. Four months have gone by and I still don't own a big hunk of metal that can take you places fast. Its frustrating! I feel as if the rest of my life is on hold until I can solve this one problem. I've been looking in the paper and even went and looked at a dealership, but there is not a big selection in my price range. Right now I'm tired of asking people to bring me places. I miss driving where I wanted when I wanted. I barely think I remember how to do it. I miss being in the car and singing along to the radio at the top of my lungs because no one is there to laugh at me. I miss changing the station every 3 seconds to make sure I am hearing the absolute best song ever! soon... very soon or I might go crazy!!!

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