April 30, 2005


Just like everyone else who blogs, I must write about this important event that has occured. I graduated college. It was kind of exciting; kind of sad. I don't exactly know what to think. I've worked for this goal so long and now that I have accomplished it what am I supposed to do with myself. I have to be an adult and responsible and all that stuff.

Another aspect of it. I was sitting listening to Dr. Lacy talking and thinking about how I was supposed to walk across the stage shake his hand, get my dipolma case (which contained a note that said "If you pay all the money you owe us, you will get your actual diploma in two weeks") and walk off. That was it. Nothing more. It seems like some change should happen, like suddenly you have all this knowledge, or you get two inches taller or something. It just was such an insignificant thing, to walk across that stage, and then it made me wonder just how insignificant it is to graduate? It doesn't really change who I am, now I just have (or will have) a piece of paper that says I accomplished something.


Paul H said...

Ah, Tanya4President...

It does mean something. Step back... I'm going to use the "M" word. It represents a milestone in your life. It represents completing something that few actually finish (contrary to popular belief, college grads are the minority). It represents two years of work in my classes and hopefully it represents the knowledge, confidence, experience gained in said classes. It represents friendships that will last a lifetime and a faith that will endure longer.

It is the closer to a process. While the moment didn't engender you additional height or a +10 to your IQ, it did engender a respect from your friends, family, peers and professors.

For me, it meant an end to two years where you developed into a unique and significant young woman. I wish you well and hope you stay in touch. One day you will remember that moment when you crossed the stage and I believe you will consider it to be significant.

BTW... it will likely signifiy one of the last times you wash a people mover.

Paul H said...

closure... grrr... blogger needs to allow edits

Becca said...

I still have yet to receive my diploma. :-p