April 8, 2005

The best day ever!

Its my birthday--the best holiday of the year. I started by staying up until midnight w/senior boy. I figured since I had to work Sat morning therefore not staing up too late tonight I should start celebrating the moment I turned 22. Then I went to sleep, because sleep is good. I worked in admissions and got to go on a forever long tour. I had hoped that they might do something fun, but no such luck. Oh well. Then I got to go to class. I think that you ought to be excused on your birthday. At this time I was wearing the Birthday Tiara, and got a few strange looks when I walked into the classroom. but then I said it was my birthday and don't forget it is me after all, so what do you expect?

After class I hung out in my room until the evening when I went to go see Little Women with my mom, sisters and Hannah. It was a good play but it always makes me mad that Jo and Laurie don't end up together. Amy is such a brat, she shouldn't get to have him.

Oh I forgot the really fun part of my birthday. Miranda had to leave earlier than I, like before I drag myself out of bed early. so she made a pile of presents on my floor. I got a Grover kite, a cake with an octopus, roadkill fruit snacks, and a cd. Fun fun. I like Miranda presents because they are so random.

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