March 31, 2005

Left without saying Goodbye

Freshman boy is gone. He left this morning. There was no "hey I decided to leave school early." No goodbye phone call. No goodbye note. His friends told me. I even saw him last night. He didn't say a word to me about it. I left the lobby for a bit and when I came back he was gone, which wasn't a big deal. I didn't know I wouldn't get to see him again. I guess I didn't matter to him at all. I was even somewhat upset with him last night because I heard that he said "he only called me when he was desperate and bored". Now I see that it must have been true. We've been friends since welcome weekend. I thought we were pretty close. I even used to talk to his mom one the phone sometimes. He ment so much more to me than I ever let on, and now what am I supposed to do?

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