March 5, 2005

Kristen's Wedding

Kristen's married!!!
The wedding was so much fun. She's a lucky girl. Friday night was the rehersal, it was cool getting to meet all the rest of the people in the Wedding party. We then went out to Wilikers in St. Charles and were waited on by the hottest waiters I've ever seen.

Then it was off to the Landing for the Bachorlette party! We didn't go clubbing, Marissa had made a t-shirt for Kristen with several different "things she had to do before she could get married". It was really funny. Some of her things were to get an older guy's phone number, find people to sing the Fresh Prince of Belair song with her. The rest of us were given cards with certain people we had to find, then do something about it. One I had was "guy you would never take home to your parents" I was then giving the option of asking him a cheezy pick-up line or something else. It was great fun!!

The day of the wedding all of us girls took hours getting ready. We looked hot! Then we went to the chruch and did more primping, and the photographer took pictures. My cameral got dropped so I all the clear pictures are pre-wedding, but thats okay. Hopefully, I can get it fixed.

It was a good ceremony and Kristen and Jeff had their first kiss. It was so sweet. I wish that my first kiss was on my wedding day (at least sometimes), but it was sweet. They are so happy!

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