March 23, 2005

Security Spoof, Here I Come!

Today is the day.It has finally arrived. I get to make a video that makes fun of our security guards. I'm afriad. This is a big project to be done by me. I hope everyone comes through. I'm nervous, which doesn't happen very often. I just am not sure that I can get it done. What if I fail and it turns out horrible? I HAVE to finish it by Friday. That gives me almost no time to edit. AAAHHHH!!!! At least the weather is good, so long as nothing changes and it doesn't begin to rain. If it rains this afternoon, I think I might cry. My grade depends on this and I like to get "A"s. Pray for me.


Peat said...

good luck!

Sarah said...

A video making fun of campus security? That's so awesome!