March 25, 2005

Waitor Boy

So I haven't talked about waiter boy at all yet. I met him at the rehersal dinner of Kristen's wedding. He was waiting on us and all us girls thought he was gorgeous. I flirted a little and thought about giving him my number (something that I've NEVER done before). I wouldnt' have actually done it, but one of the other girls told me I should. So I wrote it on a sugar packet and gave it to him when we were leaving. He said that he was going to ask me for it anyways. That was smooth of him, but he really was serious.

So he doesn't call until the next weekend when my phone is in roaming because of vacation. I get the message, but dont call him back. He then calls again after a couple of days. I decide that I'm going to text message him, because I don't want him to think that I wasn't interested. So we go back and forth until I get back home.

When I finally get to talk to him on the phone, I find out that he is really cool. He was a communucation major who graduated from Missou. (no more freshmen!) He's smart and has a sence of humor. When he came to pick me up on our coffee date we met in the lobby. Of course many of my friends just happened to be there. Nici came into my room before I went out and was like "a really hot guy just walked in. is that who you're going out with?" Later he teased me because almost everyone asked him if he was there to meet me.

He even walks in puddles. We were walking down the street the side that I was on had a lot of little puddles, he made me switch him spots so I wouldn't have to walk through them. I didn't know guys did that kind of thing anymore. It made me feel really special. I hope that I get to see a lot more of him.

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