January 10, 2008

Restaurant Wars - The Booth

What is it about booths that people enjoy so much? Is it the cushion seats, because at Bob's the chairs are cushioned. Is it the privacy? Going out to a public place, you shouldn't really expect privacy. Maybe its the fact that if you have to go to the bathroom you get to make the person next to you move. Do people like to be an annoyance to their tablemates?

Last Sunday at work, I had a lady almost in tears because she had to sit at a table instead of a booth. A grown woman. I really wondered what else in her life was so awful, to make her so upset about a place to put her butt.

I remember when I worked a hostess in highschool, I would get frustrated, because everyone wanted a booth. Which meant that some days all the tables would go to whichever server had that section leaving the rest with nothing to do. It still happens a lot, except now I'm the bored server. At least until 8am, when I get to move to a section with some booths.


Rob said...

Funny, I'm the opposite, I like chairs!

I hate it that someone else decided how close to the table I should sit. What can I say, I am a rebel. FIGHT THE POWER!

Becky said...

For us, because we have a toddler who is rather rambunctious, we usually try and get a booth so that we can 'trap' him on the inside, and don't have to worry about him darting out in front of a waitress. As a woman, I also enjoy having a 'safe' place to put my handbag and shopping bags if I happen to be stopping off somewhere while shopping.

I didn't mind tables at all back in my pre-family days.

Robin said...

I usually don't like tables because they are in the middle of the room. I like my back to a wall. If the table is against the wall I am okay with it.

Maybe the lady that cried was like me and just knew if she sat out, unguarded, in the middle of the room, something BAD might happen.

Tanya said...

Thanks for your comments, I should probably be nicer.

She just made such a big deal out of it when things were super-busy. I get that people have table preferences, but to cry over it? I just find that amazing.

Robin said...

I was a waitress at Denny's for years, I was always amazed at what would cause people to flip out. Usually it was the way their eggs were cooked. Seriously, who orders their eggs, scrambled lightly, cooked medium-well?