January 29, 2008

State of the Tanya

So after hearing Bush's State of the Union, I started thinking. I have told a lot of stores, but haven't written an in general "This is how I'm Doing" blog in quite some time.

Work - As often as I write about "Office Wars" really I have a great job. My boss is great he listens to our concerns and does not micromanage. The hours are good and flexible, which means some mornings I can spend the extra 20 minutes in bed. The work is not hard, nor is there too much of it. People like me and consider me an expert in my area, which makes me feel good about myself. The drive is about 12 minutes and if I hear of an accident on the highway I have a great alternate route. The only change I would be would a raise, but really who doesn't want that?

Church - We are still attending Mosaic, but are not as happy there as we used to be. We volunteer in the Tech booth (sound, lights, the projector). It fees like we are there all the time, and spend most of our time trying to get things working properly. It means we don't get so much out of the service.

Marriage - Things are great. We have adjusted to living together. He's finally learned to push me over to my side of the bed. Its amazing how much room lil ole me can take up. We are happy. No plans to have kids for a couple more years. (Since everyone likes to ask that.

Home - The house is starting to look more like a hope, we have curtains on most of our windows. The walls are still somewhat blank, I figure eventually I will find something to hang up. The kitchen is decorated with coffee cups. My favorite theme.

Friends - Our closest "couple friends" moved to VA, which is sad for us, but great for them. We are trying to find new couple friends to hang out with, as well as maintain those friendships we already have. No we don't feel like we always have to hang out with others in groups of two. I just don't like making people always feel like a 3rd wheel.

School - I myself don't go (not unless I'm being a fake student), but my husband does. He is in the final stretch though. About a year left and then he will be free!! I can't wait for that day.


Jill said...

are you tired of the "how's married life" question yet? And really, what's up with people asking about kids right after you get married???

You might try finding a young marrieds class at a local church. It has benefited us greatly.

Jenster said...

Great update post!

1. Your job sounds nearly perfect. Except for the raise part. :o)

2. Is your unhappiness in church because of working there all the time? May I share a little bit of experienced wisdom with you? It is SO easy to want to serve in any way we can that we sometimes burn ourselves out. If that's the problem you can tell the powers that be you guys are only going to work two Sundays out of the month or whatever. It's hard, but it's so important to have a balance. If that's not the problem you have with the church just keep that in mind as you move on. (Trust me. This is so common and something we're still learning and we're old! lol)

3. Glad everything is going well on the marriage front. It's fun, isn't it? I love my kids to no end, but I cherish the memories of our first four years without any. Now we're on the flip side and I'm excited to see how God will bless our marriage when the kids are gone. I'm not rushing that, though!

4. I LOVE coffee cups, too!!

5. I'm sorry about your friends moving. I know how that feels. :o Jill's idea of finding a young couples' class is a great idea!

Again - this was a great post!

Becky said...

I always hated the "Are you having kids soon?" question, too. They might as well have just asked if we had a healthy sex life for as much as that one made me cringe and blush. Oy!

I love that my hubby and I had 3 years together before our oldest son was born, and we really enjoyed (and needed) that time to get to know each other and 'settle in' before adding kids to the mix. We actually planned on waiting five years, as I was trying ot get my foot in the door at some graphic design agencies, but SURPRISE! (That can sometimes happen, too, lol). I wouldn't trade the way things happened for anything, though.

I say enjoy your 'carefree' days as a couple. If we had it to do over again, we'd travel and go see some of the rest of the world, because it's not easy to just drop everything and go on vacations when you've got children. ;0)

And I'm with Jenster on limiting your service to a couple of Sunday's a month. Some churches, when they find willing workers, will work them into the ground, not out of mean-ness, but because they just figure the position is covered. You've got to speak up and let your needs be heard.

Great post!

Tanya said...

Jill - Yes, I am tired of "How's Married Life?", but I also work at a restaurant, where the regulars ask that all the time. I have just decided that I will answer it with a "Wonderful, I highly recommend it". Its just people's way of acknowledging that I'm now married. As annoying as it is, I'm sure they don't intend it to be that way.

Jen - Part of it is from getting tired of working. Another part of it is I just don't feel like that is where I am supposed to be. It was where we met, but now we've outgrown it. We have a new pastor, and its just not the same.

Becky - thanks for reminding me to enjoy our time together. We talk about kids from time to time, but he has to finish school first. Then we want a vacation to Europe. After that he wants time to just "be an adult w/ minimal responsibility." I understand, but sometimes I (being a girl) don't want to wait a super long time. I should just be thankful for the time we have now, like you ladies said. Once we do have kids it won't be the same.

Rob said...

Just push her back over on her side! Why didn't I ever think of that? So simple, so effective! Duh!

Of course, now I just sleep smack dab in the center! :)

Melissa said...

Sounds like all is good for you right now! Enjoy it!!