January 7, 2008

Visiting the Vampires

Manic Mom recently posted about how she donated blood and encouraged others to go do the same. January is Donate your Blood month.

I have not given blood in quite some time. I used to do it at school blood drives, but now I'm not at school. (I realize that's an excuse). I feel motivated to do it now thanks to Manic, but I make no promises. Even though I eat very healthy, sometimes my iron is too low and they won't let me. Now its story time.

The first or maybe it was the second time I gave blood. I did it at school. Spanish class got canceled so I had some extra time before I had to go to work. We were having a blood drive, so I signed up. When they finally called my name I went and laid down in the chair. They put the needle in, which is my least favorite part. I'm not scared of needles in general, but something about this one grosses me out. I sat in the chair leaking out into that bag for-ev-er. I must not have the veins and blood flow of some people.

When I finally finished, it was getting kind of late and I still had to get to work. Against the advise of the nurse, I grabbed some pretzels and a juice and left. I made it to work on time barely after stopping on the way to do an errand. I sat down at my desk and was fine for a while.

A couple hours later I started feeling sick. The smell of the iodine they used to clean my arm, was making me nauseous. I walked down the short hall to the ladies room to wash my arm. Cleaning it only helped a little. I started feeling super dizzy and light headed. I decided that fainting in the ladies room was not very wise. I worked in a FBO and at that time of the day, it was me and the line service guys. They would never find me. I tried to make it to the hallway, but no luck. I woke up right next to the door with a throbbing. Note: bathroom tiles are hard.

I got up, walked quickly to my desk and sat down afraid to move much more than that. A while later the line service manager came in. One look at me and he knew something was wrong. I told him what happened. He carried me to the lobby with the soft leather couches. They gave me food and ice for the bump on my head. I was treated like a princess for the rest of the day.


Rob said...

Wow! That’s the first time I seen FBO mentioned outside of the aviation forums I hang out on.

I used to be line guy! One time I decided that the Cessna Turbo 210 was the best airplane and I was gonna have one. It took a while (uh nearly 20 years) but I did it! 

FBO’s almost always hire very pretty girls to work the desk- Soooooo, even though I have never seen your picture now I know you are very pretty! ;)

I am ALWAYS nice to the line guys, no snobby rich guy crap out of me! Oh Hey! Thanks Tanya! That just made me think of something to post!

Manic Mom said...

OK, so ROb, does this mean you're going to go donate blood now!?!!?

And Tanya, wow, that would kinda scare me from donating, but that's why they want you to rest for a while afterward! Whoa! Fainting! But whoa again--treated like a princess! Kinda worth it? ; )

THANK YOU SO MUCH for linking me and spreading the word! Even if you don't give blood again, I'd say you've done your part, especially if Rob goes and gives blood! Check out my blog Rob, and if you donate, take a photo, send it in--there's a cash prize (three digits, NOT INCLUDING CHANGE!) involved and some other fun prizes too!

Thanks Tanya! YOU ROCK!

Melissa said...

Wow, that's slightly scary and would make me reconsider donating. If you do decide to donate make sure to send your picture to my blog, too. I'm doing a drawing also.

Tanya said...

Don't let me scare anyone from donating. I've given blood a few times since then and have remained conscious.

Manic Mom said...

Tanya, that is good to know!

Becky said...

That sounds almost like something out of a Seinfeld episode. Except that George Costanza or Kramer would have been the one doing it to get out of work, lol.

How's the writing coming along?

Jenster said...


Okay. I give. What's FBO? Fly Boys Organization??

And hey! I see you're linked to Andrew Peterson! Very cool!!